the unknown cuckold

imagine being in a public venue. you see a man who was once a lover, for a brief time. one who has told you that he wants to be with you, has preferred you since the day he met you, a few months after meeting his current partner. he is with her and his kids, you are with your spouse and some friends. he looks at you. you look at him. you look at them as they shake hands. he looks at you. and then you ignore them as they make small talk and you wonder what is going through his mind. wonder if it’s anywhere close to what is going through yours. like remembering the last time I sucked his cock until he creamed inside my mouth and i swallowed every last drop.

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6 Responses to the unknown cuckold

  1. dragonfly918 says:

    No I can’t imagine it. It would kill me to see him with his wife and kids. And I’d be too afraid of how I’d react.

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    There was a woman, one of the great loves of my life (and still is), and we had an affair; it was hot, sensual, and oh, so, sexual. There were many times when we’d see each other publicly and with our families in tow… and it used to make me insane, seeing how we’d react to each other while trying to act as if we weren’t reacting to each other in more than a friendly way.

    One of the weirdest – and hottest – things I’ve ever experienced…

    • rougedmount says:

      he saw me and his eyes flashed. i saw the quick glance over me, taking in everything from hair to clothes as well as who i was with. then his stoic face, his poker face, as he met and greeted my spouse after my eye contact and brief greeting.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Oh, yes, my dearest Rouged, I know exactly what you mean! You see the recognition in their eyes and in their body language and you know that they know, that they remember things that can never be let out into the light of day. It can be a little terrifying and it can be deliciously terrifying because you know that they know… but no one else does.

        I remember after the first time our families were hanging out together after we consummated our affair; she told me afterward that she actually had an orgasm when she saw me and I knew that she had because I now knew all of the signs of this in her.

        For myself, I am surprised that no one except her noticed the bulge in my pants and a bulge that ached in such a good way; our spouses were busy talking to each other which is probably why they never noticed all the “wrong” signals being passed between us. It was so hard for us to act as if we were just the friends our spouses knew us to be and to not let on that we’d been more than just friends…

  3. Hah! Made me think of the time I was dating two girls, one of whom was a stripper, and they met at the dancer’s club she worked at. It wasn’t a pretty scene but at least I ended up with the dancer. LOL

  4. ~IsMeIsReallyMe says:

    I’d like to think I would behave similarly to you, though I’m sure my eyes would go wide initially. It’d be intake of breath that I’d have to watch 😉

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