That Many, Huh? Damn!

…it made me smile to see that my enthusiasm for the delicate and refined art of fellatio is completely shared by a kindred spirit. no wonder men love being the recipient to my talents, when my skill level and enthusiasm is exceptionally similar to this portrayal…

Kdaddy23's Blog

After reading Katie’s blog – – it had me thinking about how many dicks I’ve sucked in my life to date.  I mentioned on her blog that whenever I think about that – and not including all the pussy I’ve eaten – my brain wants to make me think about something else because it’s probably embarrassed at the actual number.  Katie mentions in her blog that over the course of two years, she sucked a lot of dick – 43 of them, to quote the number she used and I thought back to the beginning and my first two years of cocksucking and thought, shit, oh, my, I sucked more than 43 of them in the same amount of time and it’s possible I could have done it in less than two years.

It actually took me a while not to be ashamed of the fact that I loved sucking…

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