the art of sex

Sex is the most intimate of artistic endeavors…using another persons body to express yourself and to create something magical built of wonder and joy. The subtle undercurrent of emotions flavors every layer of our experience and colors them with individual memories, until the body as canvas, is completed. It is a process, learning what works and what doesn’t, what combinations can be applied from one pallet to a chosen art form.

We discover our preferred medium as we go through our life and pluck various partners from the fields of wild things, to enjoy and learn from them, along the way. Some are discarded as weeds; others while brilliant and beautiful, fade quickly and need to be replaced by a longer lasting and hardy variety. All have merit and value, even the thorns and thistles who may cut and irritate us.

We arrange the beautiful and the wanted around us in a collection of moments until we build the type of life and sexual experience that we value and holds meaning for us. New partners and erotic experiences are part of the process of creating what every true artist wants, which is an epic masterpiece that will last beyond time and be held up as an example to others as what sensual love can become, if nurtured artistically.

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3 Responses to the art of sex

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    This is an interesting way to put it…

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