RANT: negative extended family


The absolute ignorance and pettiness of my extended family will NEVER cease to amaze me. You know when you ‘think’ you get it? When you ‘think’ you understand, you accept the quirks and the back handedness and veiled insults they scatter between themselves like pepper over rice?

The idiots actually manage to get under your skin because you FORGET that they aren’t normal, that they don’t play by the rules of family or even common decency. As a child I kept myself out of the drama, I withdrew from it. As I got older, I simply assumed that I did not know the back stories that created the tension between them all. As an adult, I discovered they are all so fucking damaged that they constantly bring it into their lives.

They blame constantly. They never take accountability for their own actions. They believe the lies being told and would never think to ask someone for their version of what happened so they can understand a situation. They are nothing but a bunch of vindictive little schoolgirl bullies who thrive on the torment they want others to feel by trying to isolate them from the group, even as they attack each other.

I forget how they are because I have been apart from it so long. Voluntary withdraw so interaction is on MY terms and with conditions that does not normalize their ignorant actions. Guess how easy it is for me to leave when the veiled insults start, when I don’t have reason to stay? Brief appearances to ensure no one’s feelings were insulted by my refusal to attend. All happy, happy, fake, fake then get out before it starts.

NONE OF THEM have an authentic emotion between them. All living fake lives with fake feelings and oblivious to the sterile vacuum that their negativity brings into others lives. So ignorant to each other  that it floors me. I can’t imagine living with the fear based division that they foster, for my entire life. I don’t know how they stand each other.

OH! and the whole reason I contacted you in the first place? How about a big ‘fuck you’ instead, because I sure as hell won’t be repeating the same mistake ANY time soon. Live alone, die alone and be forgotten; I certainly won’t be extending myself again. Life is far too short to deal with such brutally negative people, especially when you have a choice NOT to.

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15 Responses to RANT: negative extended family

  1. ismeisreallyme says:

    yep, recognize a few extended family members in this rant too! 😉 *sigh*

  2. marcus says:

    we all have them M’lle and I’ve bitten a few
    you just let it out, we’re all ears and wagging tails

  3. Damn for a moment I thought you were talking about my family. Though it’s not just the females in my family it’s the males too. Once my grandmother passes its going to be hell as she is the glue right now. Avoid the drama as much as you can surround yourself with those that truly love and support you 🙂

    • rougedmount says:

      that is exactly what i try to do and have been successful once i removed myself and played by my rules. then the odd time..i forget..and do something ‘normal’ and then get a rude awakening of how that whole side of the family acts. i simply don’t get it, as my brain isn’t wired to be ignorant and confrontational. All the innuendo is wild…and when I call them out on it, they of course, turn it around…best to just walk away and give them no ammunition to work with.

      • Dear rougedmount:

        ‘Ignorant and confrontational.’

        Is it my imagination, or does there exist some malfeasant correlation between the depths of ignorance and the heights of familial belligerence?

        Village Idiot

        PS: Don’t hit me … I’m just askin.’

      • rougedmount says:

        the easiest way to avoid triggers is to simply walk away

  4. kdaddy23 says:

    What did Ron White say? “You can’t fix stupid…”

  5. It’s true that some people never mature, and that some seem unable to accept personal responsibility. Personally I have simply distanced myself from the undesirables and never looked back. Instead of anger, (which is actually an internal emotion, frustration at a situation beyond your control) try and feel pity for them – obviously they don’t have happy lives, great sex, the ability to appreciate this glorious world we live in and all of its unique people and situations. I feel sad for them and I don’t even know them. Hugs!

    • rougedmount says:

      i agree and normally live my life this way… but there are rare moments where i forget and act in a normal fashion and then regret it instantly as the pack descends sensing weakness…when you live with scavenging animals you can;t ever have a weak moment.

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