anti climactic

your soft little dick, pisses me off.

i give you the opportunity on a lazy Sunday morning, present you with my well oiled and lubricated ass and tell you to stroke yourself against me as I lay naked on my tummy. demand that you cum across the round globes and leave your cum dripping down my crack. tell you to massage your cream over my ass and leave me with the spent offering of your full balls.

instead i get attitude and ‘shockers’ i get veiled then direct blame? my snarling response to you was to keep your fucking mouth shut if you DARE blame me for your inability to get or stay hard. i grind the words from my mouth for you to not stand there and lie and tell me you ‘were’ hard and act like i am not present. i can ‘feel’ your soft cock, i can’hear’ the slapping attempts where you are trying to force an erection. we ‘both’ know it’s useless, pointless and hopeless. you are not going to get hard, so don’t you dare stand there and attempt to lie about something i can fucking see with my own eyes.

your soft little dick, pisses me off.

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18 Responses to anti climactic

  1. The mindless scrutiny of walking away from what is lovely in our world, that human condition stuff that will make any guy limp if his conscience steps in the way. Hope he comes to terms with losing chances. You made it ‘hard’ for me to think about anything else this morning. 🙂

  2. dragonfly918 says:

    I am always amazed at your commitment to let him touch you.

  3. kdaddy23 says:

    @Dragonfly – yeah, I’m amazed that she keeps doing that, too…

  4. I don’t know how you keep doing it. I eventually got to a point where I couldn’t stand it anymore. Let him deal with his own lack of drive.

  5. Keith says:

    Where do I apply?

  6. Ned's Blog says:

    “I grind the words from my mouth…” is a truly brilliant description. I could feel the mix of frustration, anger and anticipated disappointment in spite of your best efforts to the contrary. Not that I’m ignoring the rest of your descriptive passages, which are dripping with imagery 😉

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