rant: vitriolic virtues

patience …for fuck sake … i need it

i’m so glad i shared my son’s story with you so that you could steal his diagnosis to cover up your fucking pathetic hypochondriac need to be the center of attention because you have nothing going for you in real life. you are an uneducated, unemployed leech who has played the victim card your whole life so you never had to actually go out and DO anything but pretend that you are everything you aren’t. you have no life. you steal fragments of experience and stories from everyone who enters your world and then try to take it over as your own. pathetic. worthless. waste of fucking breath. i am so glad i tossed you in the garbage where you belong. i can’t help but be amazed when i virtually stumble across you occasionally and see the following of people you suck into your toxic mind. you’re a liar. you aren’t an artist. you aren’t a writer. you aren’t a photographer. you are an expert at nothing but being a parasite and even though i know i am better off without you in my life, i can’t help but feel awash in anger whenever i see your printed lies.

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