flaccid isn’t funny

flaccid is not a state that inspires arousal for me.

for some women, it simply doesn’t matter if a man does or does not get hard when he is administering sexual gratification to a woman, but personally speaking, if a man is intent on arousing me, if he fails to achieve or maintain an erection, then my interest in continuing anything intimate deflates as quickly as a banged souffle. I am done, get your hands off me and pass me a flannel onesie as I bolt out the door. a soft cock is really the canary in the mine shaft.

a soft cock is not a joking matter, especially when it’s chronically unable to perform the function you expect it to during mutual stimulation. if said dick belongs to your spouse or long term partner then you can work through the issue in a supporting and loving manner…unless years and decades pass and then in which case you have to take charge of your own sexuality and make decisions that may not be compatible with the other persons views on monogamy.

but when a man who is having an affair, seeks a woman out based on the notion that he is not sexually satisfied at home, what is the purpose when he can’t get a hard on with the potential lover? seriously. just a wild guess here, but if you are experiencing sexual dysfunction inside of your marriage and out, then perhaps…just perhaps…the issue is YOU and it’s time to stop blaming women, stress, work, kids, etc and get your ass (and your dick) into the Dr to have an honest conversation about your inability to crank the crane.

your soft dick is not my issue. i already live with one man who can not perform and i am certainly not going to invite another man into my sexual life simply to frustrate me when it matters. deal with your flaccid cock and then turn to the woman you married to support you through your health challenge instead of blaming her and your lifestyle for it and seeking an understanding woman outside of your marriage as they simply will not care about it. if your role is as a lover and you can’t do it, you’re fired, as there are hard candidates waiting to take your place who take their overall health seriously.

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25 Responses to flaccid isn’t funny

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    I applaud you for not being soft on flaccidity…

  2. dragonfly918 says:

    OMG this made me laugh so hard. Honestly, some people feel so fucking entitled. Like you are gonna give him the time of day if he can’t keep it up.

    I left a hook-up when after 10 minutes of oral sex, the dude couldn’t get hard. And he made no move whatsoever to say “oh man, I don’t know what’s up but here, let’s forget about this and make YOU come like crazy.” So I got up and told him “yeah I came here to fuck and since that’s not happening, we are both wasting our time. Call me when you’ve figured it out.”

    And then There was the guy who considered himself so big that he told me he couldn’t use condoms because they made him go soft, expecting me so fall on my back and spread my legs because he’s got a big cock. And so I said well, we aren’t having sex then and there’s no point in us even talking. It was almost funny how quickly he changed his tune and went on a mission to find a condom that would fit.

    Yeah yeah, I stood up for myself and now I’m a bitch.

  3. kdaddy23 says:

    I’ve always wondered why women think this is a bad thing and a bad reflection on them? I’ve wondered if the thought ever crossed their mind that nothing is wrong and we don’t need to see a urologist or even a psychologist? That we can be so focused on, say, eating everything she owns that we can get overstimulated and that will cause a loss of erection and even prevent us from getting hard?

    It’s happened to me more than I care to think of and I’m not even dysfunctional and it has nothing to do with a lack of desire to lay waste to whoever is in bed with me. Even my fiancée thinks like this and will get in my case because my dick isn’t acting like it’s happy to see her when she should be paying more attention to what I’m doing to her – my dick is fine and she always finds out that it is more than happy to see her… But right now, I’m busy trying to give you many huge, mind altering orgasms and it takes skill AND focus and more so if I have to work hard to make you cum – and, yeah, it’s hard work but I having fun doing it and if my cock ain’t hard to whole time – and you gotta know that we can’t maintain an erection for really long periods without risking damage to ourselves – IT’S NOT YOU… But it ain’t me, either…

    • dragonfly918 says:

      Interesting perspective, and one I don’t have a problem with, lol.

      I also understand that with the bi guys I’ve been with, if I’m pegging them, they sometimes lose their erections, not because they are not turned on but because they are focused on sensations other than from their dicks. (One fella actually had an anal orgasm and was completely soft and didn’t ejaculate).

      Like Rougedmont, I get intense pleasure, and can orgasm, from penetration alone, so that’s something I really like. But if a guy is having an “off” day or would rather concentrate on pleasuring me in other ways, I’m not gonna complain. 😝. He just better not be like the guy I mentioned in my comment.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        I feel you and I know that when I had a hard one in the rear, I was never erect. But it’s not always about having an off day or that homie has some kind of dysfunction or that he’s not happy and excited to be with you – sometimes, that shit just happens. You have a couple of choices when it does: be understanding and patient or get pissed off and put the guy on blast. My experience has been the latter and not so much the former. I mean, damn, maybe I don’t want my boner distracting me and I’d rather focus on what I’m doing – sucking cock or eating pussy, reminding whoever is at my mercy that I have nice long fingers.

        If you live through what I’m doing – and I happen to still be soft (which I doubt at that point) then now you get to fix that in a very delicious way. But just don’t assume there’s something wrong when you don’t know for a fact that something’s wrong – that’s all I’m saying.

        And if I wasn’t hyped to be in bed with you, I damned sure wouldn’t be there to begin with… But that’s me and not every guy…

      • rougedmount says:

        the problem is that ‘not every guy’ is able to just have soft dicks as an ‘off day’. they are chronically soft with an occasional hard on. so there is a very brief window to use it or it might now be hard again for another month or 2.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Yep, some guys are like that, sad to say

      • rougedmount says:

        and since my spouse (and his lack of anything penis related)…it is a VERY touchy subject for ME when it comes to the state of his erection. It would definitely carry over to other partners as well…

    • rougedmount says:

      words and explanations – it simply doesn’t matter – I can go from 100 to -48 if I look and see a limp dick. it’s like a punch in the gut that what you are doing is not arousing to you…it doesn’t matter what’s said…what matters is the ‘evidence’. once that happens, it’s like being doused in cold water…all my arousal goes away INSTANTLY. As much as I enjoy having a man focus ON me..what excites me is knowing it makes his cock hard. when it’s soft? I’m done. for M..my arousal comes from a mans hard penis.

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