hard choices

my husband has his hand between my legs using two of his fingers inside of me

thrusting, thrusting hard

and the only thing i can think of is ‘his’ cock as he pleasures me in the same manner

thrusting, thrusting hard

with visions of his naked perfection over me, behind me, under me, beside me and on me

i cum hard, thrusting hard

To stop myself from calling out ‘his’ name as my husband takes the credit for my orgasm

I bite my lips, bite hard

staying away from the man who doesn’t deserve my worship of his body and his heart

is hard, impossibly hard

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2 Responses to hard choices

  1. marcus says:

    damn, this is a powerful brilliantly written piece (((Awhoooo)))

  2. Anonymous says:

    truth. powerful. truth.

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