dog days

Various dogs through a selective breeding process, developed into an animal which possessed certain traits which enabled them to perform specific tasks that we as humans, found desirable. Some are protective and guard, possessions and people. Some dogs herd animals and will protect their flocks against threats. Some dogs run and chase down prey, some use their scent and tracking abilities. Others are tenacious diggers bred to search out and kill rodents and other vermin carrying pestilence.

But what happens to the dogs that are are bred with no apparent purpose? Their sole function in their lives is to be the recipient of smooshing faces and belly rubs. They do not run, they do not like to get wet or cold, they prefer sleeping on the sofa to playing in the woods or in the grass. They love children, as they tend to drop food, they would go live with any family that had the potential to feed them and are only loyal to the hand currently petting them.

They waddle from bed to the food bowl and need to nap on pillows after the exertion. They think walks are a great idea until you go further than the driveway and they realize you meant ‘walk’ and not ‘drive’ to the park. They want to be dressed in doll clothes and pushed in strollers. Winter offends them. Rain horrifies them. Summer is perfect as long as it’s not too hot. They look at you with huge expressive eyes and it makes you wonder how someone chose this series of traits to highlight in a canine species.

So what happens to these dogs? They end up living at my house, or in homes of people like me, and I talk baby talk to them against my own will because their cuteness factor makes their irrelevance at doing anything ‘dog like’, irrelevant. I snuggle them and kiss them and flop their ears around while listening to their bag pipe noises and grunting sounds thinking how comforting their rumbling snores are. All the while knowing they have no purpose in life at all other than to be part of their human family and to make them smile.

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