shaping of a man

You’ve been very clear about your expectations, wants and needs

Blunt even

The facet of your personality responsible for tact is under developed

You’ve had basically no prior relationships, other than your wife

And that is a failed and disappointing union which brings you anxiety and no joy

You have to accept that in regards to inter personal and intimate exchanges

I am the expert

I am not looking to change you and create a different man than who you are

But I can bring out the best side of you as a man and help you grow into your potential

Do you realize how rare that is for a woman to be able to build you up

Instead of tearing you down through manipulation or sexual and emotional denial

I am a communicator but better still, I am an avid and intuitive listener

Not only do I hear what you say, I can read between the lines by intonation

And by watching how you are expressing yourself with non verbal queues

I analyze

Despite what some people think, it’s not a deficit or personality fault and flaw

It enables me to see someone truthfully and with clarity in ways that leave them bare

It can be disconcerting when people don’t like the intimate examination

Preferring to remain hiding behind a façade they have taken years to develop

But I don’t live in and refuse to accept, that world of pretence and false imagery

I am real

Any relationship that I embark on needs to be defined by MY parameters, not yours

Any man I am with has to make a commitment to me that he always be open and honest

I use the information on how best to meet his needs and to work inside of his brain

To be the type of woman he not only values but trusts with all aspects of his personality

Yes, I will see the weak, ugly and under utilized parts of your soul

You will not be my shining hero of perfection who can do no wrong

If you accept that you are nothing but unformed clay laying in a mass before me

Then trust I know how to create something beautiful out of the mess left by someone else

What you have failed to see is that my worth is not just as a sexual partner

That is simply a small aspect of any relationship that is used to build a solid foundation

And if you allow a master craftsman the freedom to design and work her craft

That you will benefit far long after I am gone from your life from what I teach you

You are not separate from your existing life, you are misshapen from it

I have to deal with who you are now in order to heal the past and help you to grow

If you do not allow me to till the field, test the soil and add the missing nutrients

Taking time over the changing seasons to correct the misuse of the past

Then I will never be able to make the field of your mind, fertile and bountiful again

And you will always remain a sterile and barren wasteland with nothing of value to offer

Other than the physical space you take up

My gift is bringing you back to life and into the potential of the man you wanted to be

Let me do what I do best and trust me enough to know that I understand your needs

Far better than you can express them and I will leave you better shape than I found you

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