the milk bag

tightening tingling the advance of throbbing

nipples aching hurting needing pulling pinching suckling

breathing ragged deeply inhaling gasping moaning

need need pulsing need

wanting something anything



ohhh god, wet sweetness

heat and hardness immediate overwhelming

circling fingers harder, pressing

pulling nipples, pinching through white cotton

faster harder nearer … more …yes … more!

oh fuck more yes …  yes

arousal sweet hot heavy hard hard hard

fingers busy probing pushing

slapping grinding, twisting humping

sliding all over gushing quim arching tightening

rock hard clit and swollen vulva

yesssssss … heat pounding, rising ….yesssssss

ears filled with rushing

world fades and release finds me

as i convulse upon my hand

panting, gasping,  cupping my breast and circling my nipple under the white tshirt

grabbing the steering wheel as my back melts into the bucket seat

and the world starts to return, to right itself

i open my eyes to see a man standing, facing my car

holding his key fob in one hand

his thumb poised in the midst of pressing the button for entry

frozen,  he stands watching me, holding a bag of milk in his arms

in the parking lot of the grocery store

a look of stunned disbelief and a lop sided grin of pleased arousal on his face

my guess is he’ll never complain about being sent on an errand again

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10 Responses to the milk bag

  1. JWo says:

    I need to find where you shop…

  2. dragonfly918 says:

    Haha! If this really happened, kudos to you!

  3. 'Tis says:

    This made me smile quite big. Oh the visual was just delightful.

  4. Damn woman, you’re amazing!

  5. Oh man, to see this in the parking lot of a grocery store!

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