amitriptyline conspiracy

okay…so tell me THIS….

if every fucking pharmaceutical drug out there seems to have a side effect of  “WEIGHT GAIN”, where’s the damn pill for accidental “WEIGHT LOSS” when taking a medication to help prevent migraine’s … I want to be on THAT medication.

don’t tell me it’s not out there or hasn’t been invented. the bastards are keeping it from us. it’s a fat assed conspiracy designed to make us spend more money on health care.

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9 Responses to amitriptyline conspiracy

  1. Speed, meth, and several others… that’s why they’re illegal.

  2. Wet Bliss says:

    More sex is hereby prescribed to rid you of ailments, help with weight loss and eliminate the need for pills. 😉

  3. bruisedbelly says:

    Topomax – side effect, weight loss

  4. Stella Grace says:

    Yes, topomax. I took it for a few years and it was a miracle drug. No migraines and I lost about 30lbs.

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