return the little children

the sounds of silence will be swept aside

as all the chicks return to the nest today

bringing with them the noise of presence

because they exist my life has purpose

their entire lives a joy inside my soul

bringing me the peace of loving another

infinitely more than the loving of myself

my beautiful babies are strong grown men

who i look at in amazement that they live

pieces of my extended soul that wander

and when they return i am whole again



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2 Responses to return the little children

  1. 5incher says:

    As much chaos as they cause in the house, I can’t imagine how quiet and life-less our house is going to be when all 3 of mine leave us (not for another 14 yrs!). Already I’m sitting here missing the toddler years of the older 2 (thank god the younger one is still in that phase).
    The advice I got from other parents was to savor the time when they were young. Despite all the ‘savoring’ we did at that age (and we did enjoy them) it still wasn’t enough. I just keep telling myself that as ‘old’ as they appear to me now at 8 and 7, I will look back on these years 10 yrs from now and shake my head at how ‘young’ they were….

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