the average small penis

What makes a man who has a nice, functional, serviceable penis, one of average length and slightly thicker than average, want to be told he has a very small and inadequate one? Why does it arouse him to be told that the woman he has access to in an intimate fashion, would prefer something bigger inside of her body? Or something more substantial to service her sexual needs? Why is it he likes to hear that her actual sexual appetite can not be matched by the obvious disparity between what she needs to be sexually replete and what he has between his thighs to use on her?

I believe the simple answer lay in the fact that most men like to think that a sexual woman, a woman who enjoys carnality, is in possession of a hidden ravenous sexual appetite and they actually need to consume cock on a scale that he is unable to meet or to match. Her lust just needs the correct trigger to ignite it. I think many men find a sexually dominating woman arousing because it brings them back to their youthful adolescence and pre-pubescence when women and girls, were magical creatures of sexual arousal and responsible for sexual awakenings in them. Present yet unapproachable.

When all of these new, sexual feelings started coursing through his young male body, the source of many of the tingling sensations was those ephemeral creatures who he did not understand how to communicate with. Most of the girls his age were standoffish, mean even, and disengaged. Many were aloof and unapproachable, leaving him standing on the edge of the event, staring at this female form who made his little penis get hard and he had no idea what to do about it. He may have had attention from older girls or teenaged babysitters who had boyfriends, who actually spoke to him, giving him a fixation for his arousal.

Perhaps in bringing him back to this place in his mind by talking about or referencing his small penis, is why he finds the idea of a woman, a grown woman who is allowed to touch and fondle, makes him so terribly excited? He is with this feminine specimen who was the endless source of his own sexual awareness, the soft embodiment of all his sexual fantasies, but he is brutally and painfully aware that her experience and her preference is for a disembodied cock of mythical proportions to make her submit to it and the sensual pleasure it contains. He is comparing himself to older and more experienced ‘men’, when he was still a ‘boy’.

Average does not exist in fantasy or it’s portrayal of erotica. There are no ‘average cocks’, no ‘average’ labia or sexual responses. Average is for artistic expression and not sexual titillation. At best, his own average penis is a smaller representation of what she would use to satisfy herself on, if all other options are unavailable to her. His little penis is serviceable and brings a certain amount of comfort and gentle tactile stimulation but it is not the renting of flesh that he believes accompanies being penetrated by a weighted and thickly veined cock. The cock of his imagination and the center of his fantasies surrounding the woman he wants to sexually please.

I think that when a man sees the capacity for a woman’s pussy to stretch and accommodate an exceptionally large endowment, either in real life, through porn or the use of large toys, he compares his own tiny dick to the one he sees entering the woman being taken, and he knows he can not possibly accomplish the same thing. He wonders if he has the ability, through the tepid use of his smaller penis, to even please her at all; if her body is capable of taking something inside of it, so vastly different than his own, how could what little he has to offer sexually be satisfying at all? In truth, is it even worth trying? Becoming a cuckold either in real life or by virtue of using big toys, makes his entire sexual identity support his partners sexual reality of being able to sexually accommodate a much larger cock.

When a woman lets him use toys to penetrate her, when he sees her positive and very sexual response to being fucked by a cock of substantive size, he immediately compares her reaction to the ones she has had with penetration using his little penis. He is reminded of those older girls who preferred those older boys who had much bigger cocks than his. He is reminded that he has to stay at home and not be touched while she goes out and will be serviced by the bigger (and older?) men, with bigger and heavier cocks. He is left in sexual frustration, accepting what she has to offer him, when and if she returns, because that is also beyond his control as well. Sex is her domain and he is a servant to fulfill her needs by any means necessary and even by proxy if required.

Many times he will want to repeat this pattern as he gets older and matures into his own manhood. His preference develops for a sexually hungry woman who needs the ‘bigger man experience’ so he can achieve the same level of subconscious excitement that started to form when he was much younger. This can be exaggerated vastly when there is a disparity between the physical size of his body and the actual size of his penis, both soft and erect. Maybe the bigger the size different, the more a man might develop anger issues or have a hard time accepting the limited endowment he does have. He perceives a woman being much more disappointed with the discovery of his little penis being attached to a larger, taller, handsome man. He simply doesn’t have the ‘whole package”.

The more average or under endowed he is as an adult, the more he may focused on the formative years of his sexual feelings and wanting to use it as his sexual catalyst. He can internalize this and develop a self loathing and resentment of his inability to achieve the state of manhood he believed was possible from external sources from a young age or he can develop coping mechanisms which allow him to use his functional cock in a way that incorporates his earliest fantasies of a woman needing a large cock with the reality of his present sexual possibilities, with a willing and present partner.

Why do grown men who have an average endowment, want to be told how small they are? Perhaps it’s because they are aroused by a sexually powerful woman who is a voracious consumer of the male flesh and his seminal essence. Being reminded of the smallness of his penis means that her choice to have him as a primary partner, means he has secured what many others covet. She is a succubus who consumes male flesh, and could at any time accept any offer to try and assuage her volatile and seismic, physical, orgasmic needs. He is simply a bystander to a wonder of nature and if he is fortunate, may participate at some level, as she so chooses.

Perhaps it highlights a mans voyeuristic tendencies, because he can not just fantasize about the same things that triggered all those initial sexual feelings when he was so young, but he gets to live as an adult man with the arousal of someone he can hyper sexualize in his real life, even if it never is actually acknowledged out loud. Inside of his mind, he diminishes his sexual abilities because of his diminutive size, which justifies his excitement in thinking that his partner would be happier with sex with someone with a larger cock, similar to the women who were of sexual interest to him, when he was just entering into sexual awareness.

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20 Responses to the average small penis

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    I don’t know, Rouged, but it seems like we develop bad cases of penis envy early in our development and some of us have been ridiculed, teased, and shunned for our “lack” of size (or even having too much down there).

    I guess we all think that regardless of our size, it just ain’t big enough and having girls telling us this never helped in this; one of the two greatest insults to a guy was saying his dick was too small – even if it really wasn’t all that small.

    But I’ve never known a man of any size who wanted to be belittled and shamed because of the size of his dick; for anyone to even go there was grounds for a fight to jump off and I know it took me YEARS to stop worrying about the size of my dick (which ain’t little) and what someone else had to say about it. In fact, I got teased unmercifully because my dick was bigger than most of my peers – and none of it felt good.

    I can’t get my head around SPH or SPT, take your pick; the man in me never wants to be humiliated for any reason, let alone for something I can’t do anything about.

  2. dragonfly918 says:

    Interesting observations. Of course there’s the whole Cuckold fetish where a man is sexually aroused by having his GF/spouse fucked by a bigger cock and be verbally humiliated. I personally don’t understand it, but there are plenty of such videos in the fetish community.

    I would definitely be interested in hearing from the male population in regards to your post.

  3. IceBreaker says:


    I’m probably exactly the type of person you’re talking about, you can dig around on my blog enough to figure out my proportions, but I’m in that ballpark of what could be small or average, depending on the female’s point of view.

    I find SPH thrilling. It’s illogical and probably completely contrary to a man’s nature of clinging to masculinity, which in some ways I very much still do. I don’t watch ESPN or read the sports section, but I do work out and keep up my ability to fight off other men, so I’m not immune to needing to feel “like a man”. I’m even careful to avoid letting certain people, like co-workers, seeing me undress, because I’m afraid of them all “knowing”.

    Yet, there’s a powerful sensuality in knowing that my wife knows that I’m on the small side and seeing her see other, bigger ones, whether it be pix of ex boyfriends, porn, etc. It’s just some sort of exciting vulnerability. I wouldn’t EVER want her to hook up with another man, bigger or not, but the idea of her at least seeing and comparing is a completely sexy turn-on.

    It doesn’t make any sense, just like most people can’t understand why a straight man would ever like prostate play. It’s just one of those things that “simply are”.

  4. praguepot says:

    If my woman said my dick was small, I wouldn’t share any more of my weed with her. You right beautifully though. Building the tension nicely.

  5. RobertoLB says:

    I think you got some points in trying to understand why some men like this kind of humiliation. Not everything you said apply to me I think but I recognize that this feeling of pre-pubescent boy waiting to participate in women intimate life, plays a role.
    For me it’s the ideal starting point of this practise, that’s probably why I like being told I’m small, even if I’m not that small. I go back again and again to that moment, that moment is good not only because it has expectations but for what happens next. The woman invite me to join her secret adult life, visibly she can see I’m not an adult yet, she doesn’t lay about that but she’s good-hearted and she wants me to try.
    By the way, nice blog, I’m glad I found it out.

  6. My H, is always calling himself small, he’s not…by any means, I never got it. Perhaps it gives him a greater ego boost- having a small one and delighting in the fact that he is able to “conquer” and keep a woman or in his instance women coming back for more?
    Weird. I’ll have to ask.

  7. onesource1000 says:

    Hi everyone this is my first time posting on your side Rougedmount this might be a little off topic but does anybody know what happened to Steve and wife over looks like the whole site is down and their emails don’t work either hope everything is alright. But thought I would check in with a couple of the old posters from their site. Thanks

  8. Chris says:

    Very insightful. Among willing partners, likely the greater vulnerability in penetration is his, rather than hers. She is elastic and has additional capacity; he is at his limit, his full physical potential reached and measurable by nerve endings, subject to judgment, whether spoken or not.

    There is a mythical figure of women’s sexual power and men’s sexual vulnerability that exists is every culture ever encountered and documented. This fear of being literally being devoured during penetrative intercourse is a primal fear, and it has a strong relationship to the male fears and anxieties about which you wrote in this posting. This mythical figure of female sexual insatiability and power is known as the vagina dentata, a woman whose vagina is equipped with razor-like teeth capable of clenching to sever a man’s penis during intercourse. No matter how powerful he may feel or how she may seem to have invited his entry, he is ultimately vulneable to risk of death through loss of blood and emasculation. It goes back at least 8,000 years, and likely as far back as our own earliest human origins.

    • rougedmount says:

      i am so going to research this

      • finnandjake87 says:

        Hi Roudgemount,
        I have to say I like when my gf say’s i’m “small” because i simply love the disproportion between my body size (I’m very tall with broad shouldres) and my normal(surely NOT big) penis which looks “small” on me.

      • rougedmount says:

        big men…who have an average size penis, have the visual appearance of being considered ‘small’… yet the ability to satisfy with what they have.

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