Rant: pathetic paternal parenting

You are such a fucking failure as a father. What the fuck is wrong with you that you sabotage your own kids in reaching normal developmental milestones just to keep them around you and at home? Do you actually think you are doing them any favours? Maybe you actually heard me when I said I was leaving when they left home and this is your idiot way to keep me here?

Last summer, I understood how busy everyone was. I got why some things didn’t get done. But all you’ve done this year is say how slow things were and I kept asking about the things the boys had to do and you kept making excuses. You always had a fucking answer didn’t you? Now because I challenge you, push you, because they come home next week you finally have to admit that they did not do the SINGLE thing they had 12 weeks to complete. YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE.

You fail as a father, you fail as a husband and you fail as a fucking person. I’ve said that once you come back, you can find a new place to sleep until the boys complete what you should have made them do this summer. Better yet, maybe the new freaking lover will set me up in a love nest and I’ll just go there every fucking night, if you come into MY room. Maybe you’ll get the fucking point that I am PISSED OFF if I am not here when YOU are. You make me hate you because you are such a pathetic man who always looks for the easy out.

I am so fucking sick of being your mother, babysitting you and correcting your behaviour. The sad thing is you don’t even know how fucking useless you really are. You aren’t even embarrassed at how much you are holding your own kids back! Thank God you aren’t here right now or I would be drinking just so I could get you out of my head. I hate when you blind side me…I should fucking know I cant count on you for anything…including doing the right thing when your kids are concerned


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11 Responses to Rant: pathetic paternal parenting

  1. Peter says:

    No-fault parenting: No one is guilty alone.

  2. writingthebody says:

    You definitely need to leave him….or tell him. Or something….sorry things seem so rotten…

  3. What can you do about all of this ? How do your children feel? Have you spoken to your children about what is bothering you? Where do you start

  4. IceBreaker says:

    Talk about getting read the riot act!

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