2 cakes for no reason

my youngest child kills me

“Would you like me to bake you a cake?”

“ohhhhh i loooove cake….”

“What kind do you want? Chocolate or vanilla?”

“… do i have to choose? it’s just so hard to decide! they’re both so good!”

“Of course you don’t have to choose, I’ll make you an Oreo cake”

Massive hugs, love, boyish enthusiasm, squealing like a little girl as he clapped hands. He’s 17.

Then he immediately runs to tell an older brother that he is obviously the favorite child

As I am in the kitchen, prepping 2 cakes, I hear “shuffle, shuffle, mutter, mutter, squeal …whaaaaaat?! laughter, giggles, thunder, thunder down stairs and both boys come sliding to a stop into the kitchen, one hard on the heels of the other.

“Seriously?! You’re making him TWO cakes… he wasn’t kidding.”


“Of course I’m making him 2 cakes…that’s what mothers do for their children who can’t make a cake decision.”


He looks at his younger brother and says “You are so spoiled.”

“You’re just jealous that you didn’t think of it first. I AM the favorite child! HAH!”

He thinks about it for a second, shaking his head.

I say, ” The good news is, you each get to lick the different flavor icings beaters.”

Happy campers all around…and now both are foolishly squealing and clapping hands, including the 19 year old.



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One Response to 2 cakes for no reason

  1. ismeisreallyme says:

    LOL love it. All children/siblings, no matter the age, have these moments. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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