Pearls of Wisdom (or Wise-Dom)

I just need a moment to gush. The Submissive messaged me, letting me know he had a sudden meeting he could not avoid and could not go shopping for some toys for our adventure and asked if I could go pick a few things up instead. Being the accommodating Domina I am, I agreed.

I was wearing a classic knee length, summer business style, sleeveless dress with an empire waist; black, yellow and white bold floral print on the bottom with a solid black top. My long hair was styles straight down my back and tucked behind one ear. I had daytime makeup on, which meant, sun kissed skin, some brown powder eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. Big, grey pearl ear rings, my silver watch and on one wrist, my silver bangle Pandora bracelet with charms and the other my silver bracelet with the hand of Hamsa.

Underneath my dress, my foundation garments are part of the collection he had already purchased for me. I was wearing a white sheer bullet bra straight out of the 50’s. I had the matching full brief, sheer panties. Over this was a full garter belt with 2 front and 2 side straps. This retro look really does look amazing on me. I look like I am in the girls sorority house in the movie Animal House, when John Belushi climbs the ladder to look inside the window as the women undress.

I spent an hour in the adult store. I bought some condoms, some anal lube and a lovely pink 4 balled 7 inch vibrator that increased in girth to use on him. I also bought a lovely little vibrating and waterproof butt plug. The plan is to train him in the art of anal play and eventually use a strap on with him. I also bought some new stockings for myself and a lovely new, fuscia colored vibrator that is freaking amazing. After all, I need to have something of substance inside of me. I brought the $200 goodie bag along with me.

We went out to an early dinner and enjoyed a lovely meal, cocktails and wine before returning to the top floor room of the hotel he had booked. It was the first time we were alone and not immediately into a role…it was a much easier transition and just went seamlessly. I handed him the bag and told him to empty the contents onto the bed, which he did. We looked at the purchases for a few minutes before I told him to make me a drink as I ensconced myself onto the wonderful King sized bed with my phone. After handing it to me, I bade him undress, hang up his clothes and then go shower, making sure all his private areas were squeaky clean, as I intended on playing with his bottom with our new toys. As he showered, I answered a few work emails and he came out of the room with a towel wrapped around his waist.

I looked at him, laughed, raised an eyebrow and walked around to stand behind him. “You are covering what’s mine? That’s rather disrespectful isn’t it?” Instant response from him, head dropping with the towel I removed from him. As he stood there naked before me, I slapped his ass hard, telling him “Now, that’s MUCH better, don’t you think?” with a smile in my voice. I turned him around and kissed him.

It did not take long before he was rock hard and pressing against my dress. “Unzip me.” His hands lowered the back zipper to my waist as we continued to kiss. I took a step back from him and shrugged out of the dress, slowly exposing the straps then the cups of the bra. I shimmied it down past my waist, letting the garter become exposed before dropping it, letting it pool carelessly at my feet. His response was priceless to watch. His entire body hardened. He became tighter. His cock was so engorged that it became shiny, his breathing rapid and shallow.

I stepped out of the dress and told him to hang it up for me. As he dropped to pick it up, I grabbed him by the back of his head and pulled his face into my crotch and against my mound. I kept him there long enough to make it hard for him to breathe, long enough so that all he could smell was woman. I stepped away from him, letting him continue his task, as I turned my back to him and climbed to the middle of the bed.

As he came back towards me, he reached over to the counter and as he came to me he extended a box. A jewlrey box.  As I was opening it, excited and almost squealing in my eagerness, removing the interior case, he said, “You said you had lost your pearl necklace and I saw that it had upset you, so I wanted to make sure it was replaced.” There, resting on the dark blue velvet, was a beautiful 20 inch, white 6mm pearl necklace with an intricate 14k gold clasp. It is stunning. I was so touched he would do something so thoughtful; I was so completely and truly surprised. Obviously this was not something he did last minute, either.

I pulled him to me and started kissing him, hugging him. Thanking him, pulling away to look at the pearls again. Passion flared immediately as it had been well over a month since the last time I had sex. I had not really kissed him, not beyond a few brief and very nondescript ones before this and it led to a very intense session of grasping and groping. I became very demanding. I shoved him to his back and ended up straddling his face, grinding my sheer panties over his mouth.

Hands on breasts, on hips. I shifted and faced his cock to an impromptu 69 position. His erection looked painful, he was so engorged. I leaned forward, hair brushing over his tummy, across his cock, which made it jump. My breath on his groin, my face beside his shaft. Balls so tight to his body, they all but disappeared. I moved my face from one side to the other and the copious amount of fluid, drooling from his cock, was almost tempting enough to make me lick him…almost.

I sat straight up and pulled his legs with me, exposing his bare ass, which I smacked 7 or 8 times before allowing his legs down again. Then I slid forward and turned around so I was on top of him. I pushed his arms over his head, pinning them as I slid my panties along his shaft, using my thighs to squeeze and release his. My breasts were low and in his face.  I released his hands and told him to undo my bra, which he did. Then he was able to cup them, and lift himself to suckle on my nipple.

My orgasm swept over me with a suddenness that surprised me. I ground myself upon his rock hard cock, soaking my panties with sweet juices, leaving him turgid and panting underneath me as my cries and breathing accelerated and then diminished. As I slid backwards, making him agonize with every inch of my retreat from his cock, I stood beside the bed and pulling his legs with me, adjusting his position on the bed, before splaying him wide open to my eyes.

He lay on his back, knees bent and feel almost touching. His erection was almost tight to his body, his puckered little ass, exposed and winking at me. “You naughty little thing, making me cum like that! You know that now I am going to make you pay for it, don’t you? I’m going to fuck your little bottom until you cum for me.” I reached over to the pile of toys I had purchased and I picked up the pretty little box that held the pink, tapered vibrator with the 4 balls of increasing size.

I could see him swallow hard, as I reached for the heating lube I had selected for this exact moment. I made him hold it for me, as I took the vibrator from the box. I handed it to him and told him to insert the batteries and I held my hand out to take the lube from him. As he did it, I free poured a huge amount all over his cock, balls and ass. I grasped his tumescence firmly and stroked him quickly, making him drop a battery. He clumsily located it and finally managed to insert it and then hand it out to me.

“Turn it on”. He did.

“Are you turned on, too?” “Yes.”

“Yes, what”? I smacked his thigh hard.

He jumped and his cock jumped as he panted out “Yes, ma’am”.

I slowed my stoking and instead massaged his entire groin area. I deftly used a finger to start to circle and play with his bottom. “Get me a condom. I’m going to slide it over the toy and then I’m going to start fucking your sweet little ass with it.”

He fumbled and found the box, removed a packet for me. He dropped it on his chest as I slowly inserted a finger inside him, gasping and panting, cock drooling puddles on his hairy stomach. He picked the condom up and handed it to my waiting hand. His eyes never left the vibrator as I took my time, slowly rolling on the sheath, then smearing lube all over it, making a mess over his cock and balls. I softly laughed before I whispered to him, looking up at him from between his spread thighs, “Your ass is mine and I’m going to fuck you now, until you cum for me.”

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7 Responses to Pearls of Wisdom (or Wise-Dom)

  1. dragonfly918 says:

    Jesus Chrrrrrist. Now *I’m* hornier than fuck. God, do I love ass play with a man.

  2. tattoogirl says:

    Wow. Just wow. Well done.

  3. IceBreaker says:

    This is SO HOT!

  4. deepexplorations says:

    Super duper hot! Well done indeed 🙂

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