concert rain

sleepy girl with a cool cold chill

damp sundress and long wet hair

tendrils of curls cascading over skin

dripping reminders down my bare back

of an evening spent under weather

music blaring, lights flashing

women screaming with single chords

base reverberating across my skin

with high energy spinning us around

i smell like rain and clean crisp air

of cold grey fog and women’s warmth

my voice is hoarse from singing loud

and my face is tired from smiling

snuggled under a thick warm quilt

sipping udon noodle soup to ward the chill

before i crawl into the deliciously deep bed

and sink mindlessly into the sleep of joy

that comes from solid friendships

and public alcohol consumption

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2 Responses to concert rain

  1. marcus says:

    Letting loose is good for the soul

  2. ismeisreallyme says:

    everyone deserves those friendships and the ability to escape with said friends every now and again. sounds like a great night.

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