the flying Dutchman

Have you ever met someone and thought ‘wow’. I mean technically I knew the type of man he was, knew what he looked like, we certainly had spoken often enough to have a general idea. But nothing could have prepared me for the presence of the man I had lunch with today. He was simply a force. Not just in being very attractive, but having a very intense but calm personality as well.

First let me explain exactly how he looks: which is very much like a Dutch farmer. Or a Texas cowboy. He is about 6’2, blond hair, blue eyes, enormous hands, big toothed, white smile and sinfully full lips for a man. He is tanned and his eyes crinkle when he smiles showing laugh lines. He is thickly built with wide shoulders and looks like he has enjoyed an easy life and fine dining the past few years, though he still carries himself like he just stepped away from the barn.

He’s sexy in a very rugged, masculine, not afraid to get dirty and work hard kind of way. He earned his money, which he seems to have a lot of, the old fashioned way; he’s worked and built businesses, sold them, reinvested and started bigger projects. We discussed many things over our 2.5 hr lunch. We surprisingly said many of the same things at the same time, which he delighted in since it showed such compatibility. Some things surprised me, especially that he was speaking about the future, our future, with so much clarity.

Because of his background, he is direct and since it’s a feature I share with him, I told him to continue with it. He would like to share part of my life with me. He wants to buy a condo for us to use and detailed the reasons why. He would like to know when I travel for work, so he can join me and then we would stay the week I am away and perhaps the week after as well. Also, because I did not know of his business dealings or his material wealth, the fact I was interested in him, made me very attractive to him as well.

He would like me to travel with him, as he has lots of properties all over the place. So he has both the time and resources to completely have me at his beck and call, if he chooses to. He was talking about giving me access to a portion of an overlapping business interest we share. I’ve told him to slow down and asked him how he can know so quickly that by choosing to be with me that would be the right thing for him to do. Apparently I have made an impression on the man. Besides, I have learned that taking things people say with a grain of salt is warranted.

He said that if I was half the person he thought I would be, based on my picture and our conversations, then he would have been happy. The fact that he met me and I was so much more, makes him want to claim me in a proprietary fashion and made it very clear to me what he has to offer because as far as he is concerned, he would be crazy not to try and make me as happy as he is feeling right now, simply because we met. His prior lover had been with him for 6 years and they ended things 18 months ago.

He’s asked for us to be exclusive to each other, if and when things proceed to that, but he made it clear he is looking for a relationship and not just sex. When I laughed and stated the obvious, which was we had known each other an hour, he laughed as well and said he wanted it out there because he wants to build something with me and needs me to know where he is coming from. He said we would get to know each other and work on my time line but he wants to be the one to focus on me, so I do the same for him.

He took my reached out for my hand and smiling, I asked him to forgive my calluses. He turned my hand over as I explained that I am an avid gardener and spend a great deal of time outside, digging in the dirt. He brought his other hand to join the first and he traced the faint raised areas of my palm with his thumbs with a small smile on his face. He looked all soft and far away as he explained his initial family business was a Greenhouse and it left him with a deep love tending and growing things. He was very excited that I shared the same passion as proof by my work worn hands.

I also want to point out that my hands are broad palmed, long fingers and longish oblong nails. They are lovely hands with manicured and painted nails. I think in this moment things shifted for him and he remarked on how I looked and then about how hard I must work. I think the combination of a very feminine woman wearing a frilly summer sundress and strappy sandals, combined with the evidence of someone who works hard, not just impressed him, but effectively sealed the deal for him.

He was enthusiastic before and now he was animated and excited. I am seeing him again on Wednesday afternoon. He was ready to insert me into his Blackberry schedule permanently and once again I told him to slow down and told him it’s a good thing I thought he was cute or his eagerness may freak me out.  We walked out together, our cars only a space apart. We made the necessary goodbye’s and he leaned into kiss me again, careful to keep distance between us.

He commented on the softness of my lips and how kissable they were. His one hand came up to my hair and back of my neck as he kissed me again, with more authority and pressure. He kisses exceptionally well and in a way I respond to. It made me sigh when we pulled apart, which made him grin in a very way. He looked like a man who liked what he had experienced and was interested in pursuing much more.

As I turned to my car and he to his, I hear him say, “I can’t wait until Wednesday.”

Post date texting continued over an hour once I returned home as we shared first impressions and negotiated some little details left unspoken when we were together. All in all, it was a fabulous first date, with absolutely no awkwardness. It was more like renewing a friendship as opposed to meeting someone for the first time. I am taking the train downtown to meet with him after his business meeting and based on today, I envision spending most of the afternoon with him.

As wonderful as he is seeming to be, I am making NO commitments to anything longer term with him, until we are in a situation where I can determine if he would be suitable for a sexual affair with me. Let’s face it…I need a man who not only can keep up with me but one who is equipped to do so when I am with them. Grin…it’s obvious I have to take him out for a performance I am left wondering if his hands are any indication about what I may discover when I go searching for answers.

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4 Responses to the flying Dutchman

  1. ismeisreallyme says:

    Just once. And before that, I didn’t think it was possible or perhaps it just wasn’t something I’d experience. And since then, I haven’t. It’s rare indeed.

    Thrilled to know that the first meet and greet went well and was mutually intriguing for both of you! His previous lover was a 6-year entanglement? How delicious. Hopefully it was a good ending (as in mutual and no past hang-ups)? I look forward to your Wednesday evening review of your second meeting. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ah the pressure and pleasure of a possible future. Just keep in mind the only thing that stays the same is that everything changes. Have fun do no harm see what may come. Good luck

  3. Ned's Blog says:

    Simply put: You deserve a man who can make you sigh with a kiss. No matter where it leads, those kids of moments will remain. Enjoy them 😉

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