Mommy Dom Fee Schedule

After spending the time and doing the research, THIS is my Fee Schedule as a “Mommy Dominant”. My time is non negotiable and the listed pricing in line with what the current market indicates as reasonable. I may consider selling franchises.

$300…1 hour
$400…1½ hours
$500…2 hours
$700…3 hours
$900…4 hours
$1000…5 hours
$1200…6 hours
$1400…8 hours
$1800…12 hours (day or overnight)
$2400…24 hours – 1 day
$3600…48 hours – 2 days
$4300…72 hours – 3 days
$4800…96 hours –  4 days
$5300…120 hours – 5 days
$5600…144 hours – 6 days
$6000…168 hours – 7 days


A happy home and family is one in which a mother, daughter, aunt, sister, cousin, girlfriend, or wife  has taken charge of the domestication of its members.  All males under her care, truly understand the real authority figure of the home, is female, as we are naturally superior. I have strict guidelines for your decorum while with me. The rule’s are necessary to run a tidy, well-run home and are law. Non compliance will be dealt with swiftly and harshly; including, humiliation, corner time, chastity, and corporal punishment. I have found the taming of a little bad boy is best served by turning them into good little girls. Dressing them in panties and tights or little pink dresses helps to enforce the image I want them to have. Punishing them for their naughty behavior through spankings and scolding’s will assist me in correcting their immature and troublesome behaviour.


Corporal Punishment is used to castigate the little sissy boy’s bottom when has misbehaved. An over the knee spanking may begin as a gradual build up and as the strength of my strokes increase from gentle to firm; from a slight reddening to a blistering and bruising heat. Or you may be in need of a punishment spanking where I grab you suddenly, force you over my knee and give a bare bottom spanking that leaves you unable to sit comfortably for a week. I prefer to use my hairbrush and then my hand or even other household objects, like a wooden spoon or even my slipper when administering corrective punishment spankings.


Being forced to refrain from touching yourself will be very emasculating. A chastity device will allow you to focus on more important things, like how to please me. Because I have a life, I can assist you with yours by having your little penis restrained as will assist you in all aspects of your life when we aren’t together; you can maintain better health and fitness, focus more at work and manage your family finances all without those troublesome erections that make you think about dirty thoughts. I am the sole key-holder for your chastity device and all of your sexual release will be through my expressed permissions. Your behavior modification begins and ends at my pleasure, not yours. Your penis is mine.


Your little penis can not be used as it was intended; unlike normal men, it is impossible for you to use it in a way that would fill a woman properly. Considering the minuscule size, it really should be considered an advanced clitoris instead.  It must have been difficult for you to understand how to masturbate successfully, either using a finger and thumb or simply dry humping against something. That little thing between your thighs must be so very depressing to you, especially when you see a real man’s cock.  How inadequate you must feel. Poor men who are extremely under-endowed, must resign themselves to a life of simple digital, oral and anal servitude. Penetrating anyone with that poor excuse for a penis is a waste of time and arousal since you can barely be felt at all. I’m so sorry, but you just aren’t adequate sexually.


I adore every aspect of foot fetish. I love pretty stockings and  having you worship my feet with your hands, mouth and body. Massaging them with lotions, oils or even more exotic creams; using your tongue or even your penis, would be a rare treat. Imagine the privilege of sucking on my toes and tasting the soles of my bare feet or through my stockings.


Weekly pedicures ensure that my feet stay in an immaculate state of readiness. I welcome your company to one of my pedicure appointments. You can sit at my feet and watch my attendant minister to my needs and learn how how much effort it takes to keep my toes pretty.  You will learn how to massage my feet and calves the manner a professional does. You will leave a generous tip when paying for the services I receive. I may even make you get one with me.

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6 Responses to Mommy Dom Fee Schedule

  1. marcus says:

    All I’m doing is howling (((Awhoooo)))

  2. ismeisreallyme says:


  3. nottooold2 says:

    Yeah, not my thing but a fun read all the same. 🙂

  4. kdaddy23 says:

    If I were into this, I’d be tempted to go rob a bank or something for several 7-day sessions… and just because you’re so damned hot, sexy, and sensual!

    • rougedmount says:

      grin…well i was rather surprised at what the going rate would be in a professional sense as to what is expected in terms of availability and time rendered to fulfill a mans fantasy.

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