sexual servant

admit it, it makes you hard, doesn’t it?

you just love the idea of my being your little sexual servant

knowing i would never deny you anything under the roof of our house

having you come home and having immediate access to my pussy

fingering me in the kitchen, as i made your dinner for you

taking me be the hand, leading me upstairs so you can push me on the bed

have my bare ass in the air for you to lick and play with me

admit it, it makes you hard, doesn’t it?

knowing how impossibly wet you make me so that my thighs are glossed with it

and the heady aroma of sweet female lust invades your senses

until all you can think about doing is grunting your arousal against my bared skin

slapping my ass with your heavy balls until they spew forth their contents

either deeply inside of me next to my womb, to drip lasciviously all day

or to be sprayed with crowing achievement across the wide expanse of my white ass

dependent on your mood of the moment and how much i beg for either to happen

your cock is twitching, fully engorged imagining itself inside me already

your balls are tightening and the need to readjust yourself is overwhelming

you know i’ll suck you hard again, every time you empty your balls for me

eager to take your frothy cream covered cock into my mouth and coax it back to life

i worship your phallus with my body and mind needing it to feminize me by its domination

because my world revolves around your pole, my magnetic north of carnal attraction

that divine sperm heavy river of pearl silver and opaline is the only jewelry i want

the only need i have is to smell like your ejaculate, to bathe in it’s glory

you want me on my knees before you as much as i want to be there

a domesticated and wild thing needing your firm hand and gentling touch

admit it, it makes you hard, doesn’t it



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18 Responses to sexual servant

  1. Mark Baron says:

    Positively throbbing….

  2. Rincewind says:

    Well u got me for sure ..

  3. “that divine sperm heavy river of pearl silver and opaline is the only jewelry i want”
    ^That is perfect.

  4. Sounds like an ok way to spend a few days. You did finish cooking dinner I hope, man dose not live on pussy alone. Getting fingered is no excuse to be slack around the house is it? Lolxx

  5. kdaddy23 says:

    Okay, I’ll admit it: It made me hard – thank you!

  6. ismeisreallyme says:


  7. marcus says:

    Ummmm.Yup! Stiff! HATFM (((Awhoooo)))

  8. sixtyniner says:

    Reblogged this on foreplay copy cat and commented:
    foreplay everyday, thanks for sharing

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