Mommy Dom: the Hand of Hamsa

In the week since I met Submissive Spender, he has communicated exceptionally effectively, contacting me every morning on a schedule and then throughout the day as work commitments allowed. In the evening, he always reaches out as well. It’s been a very interesting week trying to understand the needs of someone, who’s needs I don’t understand.

I have met  SS a 2nd time, only this time he got the Hotel room so I would not have to drive across town to home, after an early evening meeting I had. He messaged me the room number and I gave him instructions on what I expected, once I arrived.

He had left the door unlatched for me, so I could enter without knocking and announcing my arrival. I walked further into the room, placed my bags down. The first thing I noticed was my Starbucks blended vanilla Frappuccino and behind that another Pandora bag. I looked towards the farthest corner, where he stood naked, facing the wall, head down, hands clasped in front of him. Seeing him standing there like that, made me laugh

I walked behind him, scraping my nails lightly down his back, and whispered in his ear that I was here and I was very pleased that he remembered to buy me something sweet and something pretty. I told him to stay exactly where he was while I went to the washroom and smacked his bare ass very hard, before turning away. I kicked my sandals off and left them by the closet. When I came back and stood behind him, I traced my hands up his arms to his shoulders, gently squeezing the back of his neck and tense muscles, with both of my hands. My one hand then went into the thin, fine hair on his head, while the other reached around to his chest. I pulled his head back suddenly, using his hair for leverage, as I pinched his nipple hard. As he gasped, I gently bit his earlobe before whispering against his ear what a good boy he had been and how ridiculous he looked, standing there naked in the corner, trying to hide his pathetic, little erection.

I turned quickly, clasping his hand, effectively dragging him behind me and directed him to get my bag. I let go and walked to the other side of the room. He brought the bag and placed it on the bed, closest to me. Pointing towards the window, I told him to “Move the chair to over there and bring the stool in front of it by 2 feet.” I stood with arms crossed as I watched him complete the task, with a slight smile on my face. Once finished he stood before me, head bowed, waiting. After a few minutes he looked up at me, I slapped his face as I cocked my head to the side and asked, “Did I give you permission to look at me?” “No, Ma’am.” He bowed his head, looking down.

I gently smoothed the red mark on his cheek before kissing it and telling him to go get my Starbucks, as I collapsed into the waiting chair. When he came back, handing me the delicious iced coffee, I bade him to hand me the bag. I took out a pair of pink cotton panties, held them aloft with one hand. “I do believe these are yours?” “Yes, ma’am.” “Then put them on so you’re appropriately covered and don;t offend me quite so much with the sight of your little penis.”

Once he stepped into them, you could clearly see his erection straining against the material. “Well look at that nasty, tiny erection. I just can’t have that as a distraction, because it’s not even a good one at that.” I reached into my bag again and pulled out a pair of pink tights. “I do believe that these will help us to restrain your penis and keep you presentable, for the time being.” He reached for them and went to sit on the bed to put them on.

“What do you think you’re doing? You know that little girls sit on the floor when they put on their tights. Sit.” I pointed to the floor at my feet and he immediately dropped, struggling to encase his legs with the material. I started to reveal the events of my day as I sipped my coffee, small talk as he twisted and contorted, finally standing to pull them up over his waist. “Awww, that is so much more presentable, don’t you think?” “Yes ma’am.” “Turn around so I can look at your bottom.” He slowly pirouetted, giving me a 360 degree view.

“That’s my good girl. Now sit down and rub Momma’s feet and legs, I’ve had a very long day.”

He dropped to the stool and reached for my bare foot. I noticed, he had bought a jar of my favourite organic coconut oil and it was sitting on the end table and it made me smile. I looked at him as he reached for it, cocking an eyebrow with a slight smile. “You told me that you preferred a natural coconut oil instead of the lotions to start off with, so I picked it up this morning.”

“You did a very good thing in remembering what I like. My little girl is so thoughtful!”

I leaned forward, spreading my legs as the one was across his thigh. I saw him look up my skirt, seeing the flash of my white silk panties. I kissed his cheek as I used my hand to cup his face and slide it to the back of his neck, pulling his face closer so I could whisper in his ear.

“You know, you weren’t the only one to pick something up for today?”

I leaned back into the chair, positioning my 2nd leg on top of his thighs. He continued to use the oil to massage my feet and calves. I leaned my head back and sank deep into the chair and sighed in contentment and relaxation. I let him continue his ministrations and eventually took another sip of my much wanted iced coffee. I opened my eyes as I leaned sideways and reached into the bag again. His eyes followed my motions.

“I realized that as I sat here, sucking on this straw, that you should be sucking on something as well.”

I pulled out a large pink Binkie, with a purple butterfly on its back. I leaned forward, giving him a nice view of my cleavage as I inserted the pacifier into his mouth. “Now, we both have something to suck on and Momma won’t be bothered by your silly chatter as I try and relax.”

I sank backwards into the chair, occasionally opening my eyes to watch him suck on the soother as he continued to apply coconut oil to my feet, calves and thighs massaging them and relaxing me. I would occasionally raise a foot and rub it over his face and jaw. I used one of my toes to insert into the loop of the soother and pull it from his mouth, inserting my other toes into his mouth instead, letting him suck on each one of them in turn, before turning my leg so he could lick along my instep.

I pulled my foot from him and placed it at the junction of his thighs, pushing on his erection underneath his pink tights and panties. I pushed my other foot back into his face, using my toe to push the binkie back into his mouth and then I wriggled my foot, without its exotic silicone toe ring, backwards so it could join its mate, on his lap.

I then slid my stocking enclosed feet, to either side of his hips as I leaned forward to cup my hands to the back of his head, bringing him forward, as I leaned back, so that his face was in my lap, his nose at the junction of my thighs, just above the grey pencil skirt that I had on, that was hitched high up my legs.

I held him there, gently rubbing his upper back, his head nuzzling on the soft mound of my silken covered sweetness. I know he could smell my musky woman’s scent. I waited until I could tell from the subtle shifting of his muscles that he was trying to find a more comfortable position before I placed pressure on his shoulders, indicating he should move off me and told him to sit up.

I stood in front of him for a few minutes, pulling his face into my chest while we embraced, then I took his chin in my fingers, making him look up at me and told him to go get my present. I climbed into the center of the King sized bed, noticing that he had arranges all my pillows for me as I liked them and settled into them like a well tended kitten.  He turned towards me and I patted the bed beside me saying, “Come, kneel beside the bed.”

He went to his knees while raising the bag, which I took from him, pulling the paper from the top, and pulling the box from the bag. Opening it, I giggled and laughed in delight. Nestled on black velvet was a silver chain bracelet with the protective hand of Hamsa.  The hand of Fatima also represents femininity. It is referred as the woman’s holy hand. It is the ‘right’ hand and believed to be having extraordinary characteristics that use to protect people from evil and other dangers; it represents blessings, power, and strength. It also held a delightful double entendre meaning as it is my favored spanking hand,

I lifted it from the box to admire it before handing it to him and extending my arm towards him. “It’s only right that you put it on the hand that’s going to be spanking you for most of the evening, don’t you think?” The look on his face was rather priceless. “You realize you won’t get the sting of my hand, until I thoroughly abuse your bottom with my hairbrush. And you are decorating the hand that’s going to do it?”

Once he clasped it into place, I raised it once again to admire, now that it was on my wrist, turning it one way and then the other. “Ohhh, isn’t it pretty? I love it!” His eyes tracked the movement of my hand as I continued to admire how the light refracted from the shiny silver. “This was such a thoughtful gift but don’t think for a moment I have forgotten that you announced you were cuming the other day when you were masturbating, instead of asking for my permission. For that you still have to be punished. Now, hand me my paddling hairbrush.”

I reached my arm out, the one with my new bracelet, waiting for him to give it to me, which he did, if slowly. “Good girl, now lay across mama’s lap for your spanking.” He crawled across the bed and over my knee; my hand stroking along the pink tights covering his round, firm bottom. “It’s such a shame you know. It seems I never have the chance to simply smack you for fun. Every time I turn around, you are breaking one of the very few simple rules I’ve presented to you.”

The first smack of the brush landed when I said the word ‘breaking’, the second with the word ‘few’, the third with the word ‘rules’. He jumped each time the brush landed. I kept it in my hand when I used my fingers to reach into the band of his tights to pull them down over his behind, exposing a few inches of his upper thigh, leaving his pink cotton panties in place.

“Tell me why you need to be punished tonight”. As he started to speak, I landed the first blow from the brush across his bottom and partially on his bare thigh. I kept pace with his words, which made it hard for him to speak. “What did you do to make Momma so cross?” Smack, Smack, Smack. “I came without asking permission”. Smack, smack, smack. “And how many times has momma told you that you MUST ask for permission?” Smack, smack, smack.

“Twice.” Whack.

“Twice, WHAT?!” Whack, whack. I gripped the top of his panties and roughly pulled them down, exposing his red, bare bottom.

“Twice, Momma.” Whack, whack, whack.

I alternated between cheeks, making sure I covered every spare inch, until the entire mound was enflamed and he was thrashing around on my legs. I could feel his erection pressing against my thigh. Every few spanks I made sure to get his thighs and the sensitive place on the inside of his legs. I kept up a steady diatribe about what a naughty girl he was and how he hadn’t listen to me and deserved to be spanked, deserved to be punished. I kept making him repeat it back to me.

The more he thrashed, the harder I spanked, the more I spanked, the harder he thrashed. I shifted and moved; he tried at one point to roll away from the brush making contact. I scissored my legs through his to pin one of his to the mattress, the result was it brought his bare erection up against the silken junction of my panties. To the soaking wet crotch. Now his thrashing turned to thrusting as he humped against my silk covered pussy.

I abandoned the brush and started using my hand to slap his bottom. I called him my naughty little girl, looking to rub his clitty up against momma’s.  I was tireless in delivering blows to his red arse. Every blow to his abused bottom, made him jump even as he humped against me and every time the pressure from his engorged cock pressed along my wet slit, the more excited I became. Once I started grinding back onto his shaft, I picked up the brush again, calling him a slutty little girl who was trying to make momma excited so I would forget to punish him. “You’re a bad, bad, bad little girl, aren’t you?! Say it!” Whack, whack whack!

“I’m a bad girl momma! I’m a bad girl!” Smack, whack, whack.

“Yes! Yes, you are my bad girl! My bad girl is making Momma cummmmm!”

And with that, I grasped his burning ass and held onto it, digging my nails into his sensitive skin as I ground my silk covered pussy against his rock hard shaft and came so hard that it took my breath away. My orgasm was the only thing that could have stopped his punishment spanking and it was hard to not notice that he was completely and painfully still erect, which served my interests just fine. He was no where near done being punished. By the time I finished, Submissive Spender would have evidence of this night on his bottom for the entire week to follow.

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10 Responses to Mommy Dom: the Hand of Hamsa

  1. mel says:

    So, so interesting!!

    • rougedmount says:

      completely out of my ‘comfort zone’ and why i decided to do it

      • mel says:

        Well… I’m all about Pushing Limits!!! 😉

        I just can’t imagine a big successful guy in pink tights. But I was really turned on reading all about it!

      • rougedmount says:

        he lives 2 separate lives…and because they are so vastly diverse..he needs this one to balance his real one. The more i am discovering, the more absolutely fascinated i am…even so far as my physical response to think because his fetish does nothing for me..and its hard for me to keep my derision and humor from my voice, tone, attitude fuels his fires..and to be honest ..using him to vent with is rather…liberating.

  2. Wow. I don’t think I could do it…very interesting read.

  3. prewitt1970 says:

    Yeah….I like….a lot..

  4. ismeisreallyme says:

    wow-fascinating. truly.

  5. deepexplorations says:

    For someone who is out of her comfort zone you do, or at least describe an amazing job at it. You give this fellow what 99% of submissive men only ever get to dream about! I can’t wait to hear more 🙂

    • rougedmount says:

      i am going to have to research a bit – its certainly not easy to know what to do when you have no reference

      • deepexplorations says:

        It sounds like you are doing perfectly so far! Again, for someone with no experience you did an amazing job. I’d be happy to provide any insight that I can, so long as you promise to keep sharing! Lol

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