you lost me

You don’t ever  dance

You don’t walk in the rain

You’ve never caught butterflies

In open meadows with us

You’ve never sat in silence

Watching the sun rise or set

Now you might remember to ask

How my day has been

But you don’t wait for a reply

Because you simply don’t care

We go to bed alone

Even when we’re together

You’ve never had time

You’ve never made time

Not for me, not your children

But you found the time for others

Which made us resent you for it

You never took time to stay in touch

Not with old friends or with me

The only thing you did was work

And spend time with your mother

Or the people you did business with

And everyone you worked with

Or were in committees with every night

All you’ve done is waste your life

In everything that meant nothing

Anger didn’t change your mind

Tears and begging didn’t work

Explaining to you how I felt

Did nothing to make you see it

You’ve missed the entire journey

And all the best years of your life

Are behind you forever

Your kids are independent and grown

Your wife with other men and no longer cares

You’ve thrown everything away

I no longer want to dance with you

Because I stopped hearing the music

I played for you, years ago

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3 Responses to you lost me

  1. Stunning that he chose to live this way. A big waste.

  2. 'Tis says:

    Just goes to show how someone can be there and yet not be present. Sadness confounded.

  3. ~McKPR says:

    resonates on many levels, as you know. positive thoughts your way my friend {hugs}

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