forget forgiving

The bruises on arms and ribs

Distant forgotten memories

Cracked ribs long healed

A small twist in the nose

Proving a landed punch

The tiny, faint white scar

Evidence of a split lip

And the last time you hit me

Because once I left home

I never once looked back

You never got the chance

To hurt me ever again

You never gave me one

Not as a vulnerable child

And so you don’t get one either

Not after the years I spent

Trying to fix what you broke

Now that I’m a strong adult

Who can protect myself

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8 Responses to forget forgiving

  1. kit says:

    I’m confused. So, why not divorce???

  2. safirefalcon says:

    There is so much talk about forgiveness and how we must forgive to move forward. I’ve been making my way through a book called The Tao of Fully Feeling and the author points out that in some circumstances forgiveness isn’t possible for some. Sometimes parents/guardians don’t deserve the grace of our forgiveness, and we can moving forward is still possible. Hugs to you…I relate to this pain and I’m sorry you had to live through such scary and painful times as a child.

  3. ~McKPR says:

    As I’ve discovered that what I thought were dreams from my childhood were really memories, I said to my therapist just a few months ago that it’s too late to forgive those that perpetuated those acts because I’ve moved on. Knowing that it really happened just helps put some things into perspective as I continue on my journey. Thank you for sharing. As always…

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