flaccid mind

HE is not accepting of his penis size. Is he in denial? Does he blame me for the crappy sex life we had? Does he feeling sorry for himself? I truly have no clue…other than he STILL wants to pretend the solution to his small cock is to deny me sex and have me live a virtually celibate life. I WAS frustrated to the point of apathy; until I decided to take my sexuality back from him. It’s his cock, it’s his issue, its his attitude and it’s his loss. The casualty to his inability to accept himself is going to be our marriage. He’ll be able to stand back and blame the failure on his small penis, when in reality it was his small mind that ruined everything.

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13 Responses to flaccid mind

  1. dragonfly918 says:

    You got that right sister. Small dicks have work-arounds. Small minds have nothing to offer ever.

    • rougedmount says:

      and THAT comment should be read and understood by every man who considers himself ‘small’

      • jb8884 says:

        Yes, I understand what you are saying. They make a variety of strap ons for small men, find the one that works for your partner. Also become good with your tongue and fingers

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    So, okay, you’re not packing like an elephant and, yeah, stuff like this tends to bother men like you probably wouldn’t believe – you know some of it but not all of it. Still, at some point, every man who considers himself to be undersized has to accept the fact that it is what it is; that mix of chromosomes that brought you into existence literally left you holding the short stick and short of doing some things that are damned scary, nothing you’re gonna do is going to change its size; you ain’t gonna have four or five erect inches and somehow and magically have a nine-inch cock somewhere down the road.

    Instead of sitting back and having a pity party, the proactive kind of guy starts thinking about what he can do with what he has and if there are some… tools that can help knock his lady into the next zip code; you learn to compensate and like JB8884 said, you learn to be very damned good with your fingers and tongue and if you are, she’s gonna be so dazzled by this she ain’t gonna be thinking about the size of your dick – all she’s gonna care about is you getting it inside her and painting her inner walls with sperm.

  3. kdaddy23 says:

    It is what it is and failure in this is never an option, not if you consider yourself a man – just my POV. You do all you can do or suffer the consequences – someone else will be playing hide the sausage with your woman and making you even less of a man than your lack of cock would indicate.

  4. ~McKPR says:

    You know, my husband blames me for a lack of a sex life. At first (well for the last 24.5 years) it was my weight and body type, and he never considered that while he has an extremely beautiful and thick cock, 9.5 inches fully erect and yet he’s denied me for so long that it doesn’t matter. My lover, and he is my lover, he is probably average in size, maybe even a tad smaller but I wouldn’t know it. He seduces me and makes love to me with his words and his actions well before we have moments in real life together. He knows how to utilize all of his assets and brings me to orgasm without penetration. often.

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