submissive spender

… so this whole “dominatrix thing” … seriously… is there a down side to this? First off let me say the man HAS to have a lot of money simply because in most types of relationships, one thing is clear; when someone spends what he did on me in 1 day, generally speaking the other spouse notices, unless they have the type of funds which make an extra mortgage payment, a non issue. Not that I knew that or even asked that he did, I simply assumed he did or was willing to spend what he had, as he didn’t balk at the things I told him to purchase. This is the math on what he purchased for me, just over the course of this afternoon and evening …

Hotel , Charms ,2 Hairbrushes $150, Lotion, 1 Dildo and lube , Lingerie, Thigh Highs, Dinner, Starbucks

Who spends that kind of money on a person they’ve never met before, even if it IS a sexual first date? He included all the receipts in case I wanted or needed to return or exchange anything. Of course, everything is fine and I’m keeping it all …but I was surprised. Part of his “submissive” side must be to give things to women; to run errands for them, to be given tasks to do. So that’s what I did…I was bossy…and demanding…we’ve all seen women who act like Diva’s and so that’s how I acted. Like myself but with the edge of how I view other women who I consider “prima bitch a rinas”.

WOW, did it work. I can not be completely mean, no matter how much I want to play the role..that’s just not who I am. So my combination seemed to throw him off and that certainly had the effect on him that was expected. As far as I know, he probably adores me and considered it money well spent…lol. But I truly didn’t know what the hell I was ‘actually’ doing.

Like I said before … if nothing else I have a very interesting memory on something I had never done before. I’ve learned that I am definitely an assertive and aggressive, even going so far as to say a very dominant type, submissive woman who is also exceptionally traditional. I’ve also learned that I am very talented at being a quasi-Dominatrix. The loving maternal side and Strict authoritative side combine to be a very powerful elixir to a man who enjoys that type of poison. And to be honest, it fit me like a well worn soft leather glove.

Oh…and I should really note that we did not have sex…and no he did not get a chance to use the toy on me.

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14 Responses to submissive spender

  1. ismeisreallyme says:

    why do I hear Shirley McLaine’s voice singing “”Hey Big Spender” from Sweet Charity playing in my mind 🙂

    Will you be seeing him again? One of the business leaders I work with in my role here is very much like the man you described in your earlier posts and his wife is what you would call a bitch – a – rina. When they’re out in public that’s how she acts and he doesn’t blink an eye, if anything he seems downright enthralled. I suspect she’s the sweetest gal on earth in “real life”.

    Interesting memory indeed. Thank you for sharing!

    • rougedmount says:

      it’s quite amazing…i love that you used the word ‘enthralled’ as it’s a very apt description..the more firm i was in regards to my expectation, wants, attitude, the more he backed down..became ‘less than’

  2. dragonfly918 says:

    The only “down” side, and it’s a complete matter of opinion, because I’ve known several pro Doms, is that you will lose all respect for men. It becomes a mindset that men are all easily dominated and then they all get treated badly, regardless.

    Good luck! Sounds like you’re having a blast!

    • rougedmount says:

      ohhh I can see that being a massive issue was a thought that went through my head yesterday when i was with him. when I have time..I shall write about it…

      • dragonfly918 says:

        Ooh. I misspelled it. Should be pro Dommes. No one is paying a guy to be a Dom lol.

        Glad you see that right up front. I’ve seen it overtake women where they cannot have a normal relationship–only after years of not being around it were they able to see men on any sort of equal footing.

        I can attest for myself that I do not respect men who are a lifestyle submissive. Less than respect. It is repugnant to me. Of course I can say that for women as well. It’s one thing to role play and switch back and forth, but it’s my opinion that there is something broken psychologically in either gender who cannot live their life without submitting and giving up their power to another–it becomes more than just a kink.

        Of course it’s none of my damn business how people choose to live their lives, and if it makes them feel psychologically safe to enslave themselves to another’s will all the time, that’s great. As long as people find happiness and safety in their pleasure, it’s all good.

      • rougedmount says:

        my disdain for submissive men, makes me attractive to men who like dominant

  3. Good Lord, I may have to rethink the whole dominatrix thing after all!! LMAO Sounds like you got a good deal out of this for sure!!

  4. Ray says:

    Ok… maybe I’ve been BALD too long to know the new trends in Hairbrushes…. $150 for 2? Do they come with models to actually do the brushing FOR you? Holy sh*t! 🙂

  5. INS says:

    There was a statistic that in the BDSM community 30% of people are women. Out of that, 1 in 10 were doms. Which means there’s about 3% of dominant women.

    On the other hand, 30% of the men prefer to be submissive. Which would mean for every dominatrix, there are going to be 7 submissives. Considering how rare a woman who can properly dominate is, good doms are pretty expensive. Heck they charge good money. Which is why perhaps you’re getting showered with money and attention.

    On the other hand dominant men in such scenes are a dime a dozen and very easily available for submissive women.

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