pissy mood

stupid printer offline…can’t get docs to print…have to email them instead. freaking hair frizz ball have to do it again. hate the humidity. weeds! omg broke a nail pulling a weed..seriously..a weed…inside a mosquito buzzing in ear. swatted it away… whacked it..OMG full of blood now all over my favorite tshirt i have to clean before i leave. seriously? i boiled the kettle dry when i forgot i put it on before i left the house. stupid dog hasn;t gone to the bathroom and i can’t take her out again before i go. another stupid message with a nice little dig from idiot spouse who is trying to either piss me off or make amends for our fight – no fucking clue. i just want to biff someone in the face. if i didn’t have so much to do i would go back to bed and start again tomorrow, thought i may as well since NOTHING is going right so far today. nothing is right, everything is wrong. nothing is working. i seriously hate this day. 10am and i need a fucking drink. insert that deep pissy exasperated sigh-here-

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12 Responses to pissy mood

  1. Mark Baron says:

    I’m with you. Let’s just call off today and say fuck it.

  2. Ned's Blog says:

    You’re day will get better. I promise. Starting first thing tomorrow….

  3. Ice cream helps 🙂

  4. ismeisreallyme says:

    ugh! too bad it’s not like golf where you can take a mulligan. have a bloody mary, it’s kind of like a v-8 with a kick 😉

    no? ok-well then take a deep breath, punch a pillow and then go out and fake it. sending good juju vibes your way…

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