Female Dom: sub #1

I have decided to make the attempt to be a Dominatrix. I am constantly told I would make a good one, because of my nature and how I look. I have a 40’s – 50’s era style and for some reason, a large majority of men seem to find that attractive. I can certainly pull it off with little to no effort on my part which made me think that at least trying on the “Dom” hat may be a fun little hobby.

Yes… “hobby” and not a lifestyle. I have come across a man with whom I have explained my lack of ‘experience’. He doesn’t care. Apparently I am more of a “Dom” than any other woman he has ever met. He explained that he was ready to pursue me until I such a time as I decided to at least consider his proposal. Well, I’ve considered it and it’s looking like a good idea.

First let me say the man is a wealthy, CEO of a large, successful corporation. He is responsible for many people and massive financial decisions on a daily basis. He has to be ruthless, decisive and have nerves of emotionless steel; which is why he wants me to spank him until he cries. He needs the immediate physical and emotional release he can not achieve any other way.

Interesting concept. He needs a nurturing woman who can comfort him after his corporeal and emotional punishments. I suspect that the comfort is not so much about his punishments from me but from the decisions he had to make while working that may have had negative implications for many people, but did not meet with the companies strategic growth projections.

He wants an authoritative and demanding woman simply because he is done making decisions by the time he leaves work for the day. He wants to please as he doesn’t get to do that in his world – at all. He is fierce and respected, but not exactly well liked, because the boss “is the boss.”

Let’s stop to also focus on the man’s seriousness. We’ve chatted, that’s it. The primary exchanges simply my complete disinterest in him or his needs and then my stern rebuking for his continued presence in my inbox. Apparently this is not the way to disinterest someone who craves a decisive and firm woman. He wants to be “a little.” He needs a long term trusting and very maternal woman to balance out his real life work demands.

I am meeting him in person for the first time on Wednesday. I am not even kidding when I say that this whole interaction with him is compelling for me in regards to the scale at which he is doing things. He has set up an account at a high end lingerie boutique (using his real name and mailing address) and has created a wish list and gave me his email address and password, so I could make selections.  The order I selected (stunning items by the way) has been placed and is just over $550.00.

He is getting a high end hotel room in which to spend the afternoon, close to a place I have to drive to for a business appointment later that day. Once I told him of my existing plans, he secured and paid for the room, so I wouldn’t be tired for my late meeting with a client. He sent me the confirmation of the purchase. When we meet, he is bringing me charms for my favorite bracelet, that he purchased based on a conversation we were having that held meaning for him. He also made reservations for us to go to dinner at a lovely place which is again, on the higher end of retail.

So worst case scenario, I am wined and dined, gifted and pampered and treated like a queen for a day. He’s bought me a very expensive hair brush, at my direction, and we’ll see how he does with the minor task of smoothing out my very long hair before dinner. If he pulls at all or complains about the length of time I want him to attend to my needs, then I have told him, I will use the brush on him as punishment before we go.

Something tells me that being a “Dom” just may work with my current lifestyle and provide an outlet for my frustrations. Either way, it should be an interesting experience and will leave me with many beautiful items that I will enjoy for a very long time. He obviously has more than enough money to afford me as a little indulgence and I want to discover if I can accept the challenge of becoming a true Dominatrix for a Sissy Boy who needs Small Penis teasing.

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11 Responses to Female Dom: sub #1

  1. Sounds intriguing…..I don’t think you will have any challenges before you in become a true Dominatrix. (Coming from someone more on the submissive side, lol)

  2. Steve says:

    I think you may have found your “true calling!” 🙂

  3. Chris Brown (not the felon) says:

    I find this so intriguing. I am in a job where I have to make decisions every working day that affect just over 200 peoples lives. Life and death decisions… But I just cannot envision wanting what this man wants. Sure, I don’t want to come home and have to make more decisions, and I would much rather come home and be seduced, fondled, treasured, and looked after. Not that that ever happens, of course. But it’s a dream I have. But being dominated? I much prefer having the upper hand.

    This sounds like a win-win for you. And if I was a betting man, I would say you’ll do it again with the same man. This speaks to you on more than just one level.

    Have fun!

    • rougedmount says:

      …lets just be very clear… there is not going to be anything traditionally thought of as sexual, when i meet him. nothing of mine will be exposed. his ‘arousal’ comes from extreme disciplinarian type women who are also able to nurture him afterwards…considering my spouse and my unique past with raising children with issues, i seem to be uniquely qualified to know how to inflect, how to use tone and how to use physical presence to intimidate…all because i had to be careful NOT to while dealing with children issues…and so I can certainly figure out how to do it in reverse for this man.

      to be honest…it completely fascinates me when you have someone who needs this as a measure of their sexual identity. which is why i am meeting him…curiosity meeting cat.

      • Chris Brown (not the felon) says:

        Wow… more and more interesting all the time. I am fascinated to hear how this plays out.

  4. I am excited for you and I think I’m a little jealous. 🙂
    Have fun!

  5. hispetitelle says:

    I say we all need to explore those sides to us that have been hovering near the surface. I think we all know who we are, but it doesn’t always come out until circumstances and opportunity align. Life can make us hide from ourselves or withhold our needs and desires. I hope you find everything you’re looking for and I wish you well in that pursuit.

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