the paddle brush


I often wonder at men like you, who are so high powered in the business world that you need to be dominated sexually to gain balance in your life. You are flying all over the country, the world, managing business assets and acquisitions. You wear expensive clothes and have refined tastes. People are afraid of you and the power you hold over their lives. And yet you text me a picture of the pink panties you’ve purchased, at my direction, for you to wear when we get together.

When sitting in your boardroom meetings, making multi million dollar decisions, you also have to decide which dildo to buy, from the options I have sent you as acceptable, to purchase for using to fuck me with. You’ve been told that you aren’t allowed inside of me. That your little dick is going to be caged and under lock. The key is going to hang between my full breasts on the chain you are going to buy me, for that exact purpose.

After you meet with the President and CEO of one of your companies, have your business luncheon with the Financial Manager of your group, you are heading to a high end retail store to purchase the wide, natural boar bristle, paddle brush you are going to use to stoke my long hair with. Once I am relaxed and calm, I will use it to paddle your ass until it burns with the square, red imprint of the flat side.

You’re going to cry out. Squirm in your pink cotton panties and you are going to beg me to stop. You will feel my long hair brush over your side and up your neck, as it falls against the side of your face as I lean down to whisper in your ear.

“You don’t want me to stop. You’ve been a bad boy. I could see your cock getting an erection and pushing against your chastity cage.” How could I truly enjoy when you brush my hair, if I am distracted by the sight of a hard little penis, struggling to get an erection?

Tell me to stop, I dare you. Beg me to stop paddling your abused red ass because we both know your ass is mine. Listen to my low chuckle as I smack you again, even as the words leave your mouth.

“Sweetie, I want you to hook your thumbs in each side of your big girl panties. Now I want you to slide them down over your bottom for me. Bare your red ass so I can see it.” You will feel the cool silk of my hand gently caress the hot flesh of your bum; the flat palm cupping and the fingers tracing.

“It feels so good doesn’t it? Tell me you like it.” I use both hands so I can massage your ass cheeks apart, so I can view your puckered little asshole. I run the tips of my thumbs along the edges of your sweet dimple as I lean down to kiss your fire red ass. My long hair runs over your thighs and sensitive reddened skin and it makes you moan out loud when I drag my tongue up the crack of your ass, starting on your pucker. But then I bite you hard enough to leave a light mark, making you jump, which makes me chuckle again, before I kiss the welt better.

As I stand up and over you, facing your ass, I tell you to spread your legs wider apart, so that the bite of the panties pulls at your thighs and I can see you spread in front of me. Then I reach between your legs and under you, to position the cage your penis is in, to a more comfortable position. That’s when I discover you are leaking precum from a painful erection that has no where to go in its confinement. So I yank on it and pull everything down and backwards.

You moan as you hear me picking up the brush again. Ten hard and brutal smacks of the wooden brush to your bare bottom as I reprimand you in a harsh static voice in time with every spoken word, “You.Are.Not.To.Leak.Cum.On.The.Bed.Sheets.” Your arms flail, your torso twists, your legs thrash, but you don’t move your ass away from the paddle. It makes you cry because I was not gentle or restrained.

“Oh sweetie, I’m sorry. Did I hurt your bumbum? You were such a good boy to lay there and take that spanking and not move away from me. You know why I had to spank you, don’t you? Tell me why I spanked you.”

“It was because I leaked cum”.

“No baby, that’s not why, tell me what I said to you.”

“You told me to not leak pre cum on the bed sheets.”

“Good Boy! That’s exactly what I said. Now you have to scoot down and I have to get you to lick that little cummy wet spot clean. You have to clean up your little mess. Suck on the wet spot on sheets and make sure you get all of it.”

His body shifted as he slunk down to have his face over the wet spot where his cock had been pressed into the mattress.

“You’re such a dirty boy. Such a nasty little thing who needs such strong guidance to curb your disgusting habits. Turn over for me, let me see your caged penis.”

His cock was bent and misshapen as the cage cut into the swollen penis flesh, it struggled to contain. The small cage over the small penis was amusing to me because of how uncomfortable it looked. But there was no denying the purpose it served and how well it worked.

“It hurts doesn’t it? It hurts when you get an erection inside of your chastity cage. Tell me how you can make the hurt go away.”

“I have to stop getting erections”

“Oh good boy! That’s right, you do have to stop getting erections. When your cock gets hard it ends up making a mess, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, ma’am”

“And do we like when messy boys make things all sticky?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Now, that is how a good boy acts and speaks. I am going to take you off your leash but you can’t move. If you do, then I am going to have to spank your little penis and testicles and I don’t want to do that right now, okay”

“Yes, ma’am.”

With a deep sigh of patience, I said “Yes, Ma’am, WHAT?!”

“Yes ma’am, I won’t move so you won’t have to spank my little penis and balls.”

“Good boy.”

I positioned myself between his spread legs, with his pink cotton panties stretched tightly across the high part of his hairy thighs. Leaving the key on the chain, I leaned down towards his groin, so that my hair fell to cover softly over his legs. The slight click of the turning lock was deafening in the quiet of the hotel room, as it immediately allowed his penis, covered in the indentation lines of its cage, to burst forth from its confinement, making him moan in relief and sudden pleasure.

That’s when I saw the pearl of pre-cum ooze from his piss slit in a mound of sudden shiny brilliance, before it fell across the sweetly sloping grade of his helmet, to fall from his cocklet in a long string of messy arousal. That naughty boy!

“Oh, no, sweetie”, I said with a smile in my voice and a frown on my face. “It looks like you are determined to make a mess after all. We both know what that means now, don’t we?” The look on his face was priceless. He knew exactly what that meant and his eyes followed every motion of my arm, as I slowly reached for my paddle brush again.

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14 Responses to the paddle brush

  1. Wow, lol…..loved this!

  2. ismeisreallyme says:

    you have many talents and gifts. truly.

  3. deepexplorations says:

    Very well written! Was this experience or fantasy?

  4. Hottie says:

    I loved this as well. You are a very talented Mistress!

  5. Steve says:

    Superb! You write almost as if you have experience with this subject matter! 🙂

  6. Hottie says:

    OMG!!! It was awesome! Good job Rougedmount! I know there are a lot of “little guys” out there that will REALLY enjoy this post 🙂 They will NEVER look at a paddle brush the same again…lol!

  7. dragonfly918 says:

    Ooh very nicely done!

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