penis blind

Men in their excitement
Jump headlong into fires
They never once noticed
As prioritized erections
Impeded scope of vision
Searching for sexual source
Without a sense of self
Love in fact, is not Blind
But an erect penis, is
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17 Responses to penis blind

  1. HemmingPlay says:

    Not for everyone. 🙂

    • rougedmount says:

      lol – no – not for everyone…but if not you, then you certainly know someone similar to who I refer to…for they are far too prevalent to be an anomaly

      • Anonymous says:

        True, I do know them. But there are those who are aware of this problem, and have learned to keep things in perspective. It’s all about building trust, getting to know someone first, making a connection, isn’t it? Then letting go isn’t a problem, it’s a shared experience. And the results are usually better. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. 🙂

  2. nottooold2 says:

    It’s funny how we become simple base animals. When it’s over the feeling is similar to coming to after passing out. It’s kind of cool actually. 😊

    • rougedmount says:

      kinda cool in a ‘i just got burned’ kinda way?

      • nottooold2 says:

        No, in a euphoric feeling and coming down from it kind if way.
        It was my feeble attempt to explain we (men) are not rational beings until all the blood and hormones are back in their proper places.
        Hormones and adrenaline are powerful things. As a woman you already know that. 😉

      • rougedmount says:

        lol tongue in cheek my dear – the entire post was a commentary how men are not rational when aroused…they do not see the danger right in front of them when excited. they don;t see the fire…they don;t feel the burns..not until they have messed things up and are either suffering or non aroused any longer.

      • nottooold2 says:

        Hell yes!!! The world goes dark and mute and we become supremely myopic. We are animals, but you wouldn’t have us any other way. LOL

  3. larryarcher says:

    That’s why we always give our dick a name as we don’t want a total stranger making all of our decisions for us!

  4. Chris Brown (not the felon) says:

    A blind one-eyed monster is still a monster. I think I met someone once who this was true of. Oh wait… that may have been me. But that’s what happens when you go for years without any.

    The monster becomes a demon. Fortunately I’m mostly harmless.

  5. kdaddy23 says:

    There’s a reason why they say that pussy can make a motherfucker crazy…

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