time to rest

There comes a time to rest, to lay your head down

When the business of busy living overcomes you

The lateness of nights and early morning starts

Grind you into the heated asphalt of a city street

Or blows you like scrapped paper across its hot surface

To be caught against the wall of a fetid back alley

Filled with the debris of a consumer society

Making it impossible for you to think, to function

Until you close your eyes in utter exhaustion

Promising yourself that it’s just for a moment

Knowing even as you say it, that you’re lying

As you crumble to the ground, in a heap of liquid bones

Praying that fate will keep you safe, until you rise again

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4 Responses to time to rest

  1. Jaime99 says:

    Great ! You’re going back to prose again. It sure as hell beats your tantrums ..! Lol
    PLEASE turn your comments into prose and poetry !! It’s a great read …
    otherwise I think I”m on Dr. Phil’s Facebook page .. 😉 (Just kidding !! )

  2. God you’re amazing! Love reading everything you write! I couldn’t get my brain to think like that if I wanted!

  3. Chris Brown (not the felon) says:

    Do not close your eyes!! When you reach this state of exhaustion, be it mental or physical, closing your eyes will only bring blissful relief. But not for just a moment. And lord knows your heap of liquid bones will require more than just fate to keep it safe on that horrible, fetid back alley. Lie down instead, on this bed of roses and silk sheets, and accept our loving support (and back rubs) to lull you into a deep, refreshing, sleep.

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