ejaculate conversation

spit or swallow?


i love your answer!

i love giving men oral opportunities

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25 Responses to ejaculate conversation

  1. oceanswater says:

    Well I have never in my life swallowed, but I intend to with my lover in September for the very first time. I wrote a post about it asking for help…

  2. Wet Bliss says:

    Spitting is not very ladylike, so I prefer to swallow or wear, smear and lick. 😉

  3. dievca says:

    Both – depending.

    • oceanswater says:

      On what? Just curious

      • dievca says:

        Where we are located, the mood, the plans for the day, time, how I feel, did I miss. It is not a “you have to” thing. If it is right, it is right — if it is not, that’s o.k., too.
        It’s the joy of the journey, not only the final action.

      • rougedmount says:

        you gauge a mans mood and what would please him in that moment against the situation you are in. wearing a little black dress and pearls, him in formal wear and taking his cock out; having your hair in a classic french twist and wearing red lipstick and sucking him off quickly while in the foyer of your house before you leave for the evening, and without the kids or babysitter seeing you, requires you to swallow and wipe the corner of your mouth delicately before smiling and leaving the house.

        Other times, you could be leaving your local pub after a few drinks and dancing with friends. You push him back in the reclined front seat and you give him a sloppy, messy blow job and spit his cum back onto his cock so you can smear it all over your face and lips for him to look at. You be the dirty little slut he picked up and let him see how much you love his cum before he drives you home to your family and you once again become the wife and mother. He needs both. He needs to know he can objectify you because a man needs the sexual balance in his life. This helps give it to him.

      • oceanswater says:

        Wow!! I’ve got to gather my thoughts on that one.

  4. Ned's Blog says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but this post seems like the continuance of a recent conversation…

  5. diirrty says:

    Yes, you may do either. If you’ve done it well enough, I won’t notice which you choose because my eyes will be rolling back in my head.

    • rougedmount says:

      lol…which is why the added visual of when you open them, to see the string of semen stretching from cock head to tongue and opened mouth…can give another electric jolt of imagery to carry with you.

  6. It’s conversations like this that make me a bit woozy… as did your reply in the comments about a blowjob in a little black dress and another in the front seat after leaving the pub. Holy smokes, those are times that sear into your brain, and you remember them with a huge grin.

    • rougedmount says:

      well i am glad to have been able to be the instigator for you to recall such lovely memories. If nothing else…I know how to be the type of woman a man finds sexual satiation with.

  7. kinkydesoto says:

    I love swallowing one partner of mine. His cum is, frankly, delicious. If necessary, I will swallow the others (if we’re in a public place) but that is not my preference. Their cum is bitter.

  8. kdaddy23 says:

    There is only one real answer: Yes!

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