back in the saddle

I’ve been so incredibly busy today that I have virtually exhausted myself and its not even dinner time. I still have a portion of business to take care of and then I am going out to dinner with a girlfriend to give us some time to discuss business. I love her, she’s amazing, funny, honest open and delightfully real.

After I drop her off, I have a date. Tall, well built, multiple degrees and languages, successful, executive type. No expectations and certainly no intentions of jumping into anything. He has recently accepted a new position in my city and spends his time between work and the gym. He leaves Friday afternoon to return to his house and family before coming back Sunday afternoon.

I am finding it interesting to listen to people’s stories. Seeing where they are in their life and why they are making the choices they are. This job of his was accepted as a ‘trial separation”  to see if things would improve between him and his spouse or to give them time to decide what they should do in regards to the marriage. I haven’t asked for many details.

He really wants someone to ‘do’ things with and my availability means I have the time to be someone’s partner on various adventures. We have a multitude of similar interests which would on paper make us excellent companions and friends. But that’s really what meeting someone is all about, isn’t it? Seeing if the reality of what you expect, is what you end up getting.

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7 Responses to back in the saddle

  1. ismeisreallyme says:

    yes. yes it is. looking forward to what you discover and what you share afterwards. if anything, enjoy the time with your girlfriend and meeting someone new later.

  2. larryarcher says:

    Good luck and I hope you have fun with your new “friend”.

  3. Chris Brown (not the felon) says:

    Being in his exact position (well… except for the languages, looks, and executive bits), I can tell you that someone like you would be a god-send. Smart, challenging intellectually, witty, insightful. I breath of fresh air.

    I hope that breath is fun for you both.

  4. kdaddy23 says:

    Dearest Rouged, this has nothing to do with you being back in the saddle again, but I wanted you to know that I have a Top Searches thingy on my dashboard that says, “rougedmount espanol.”

    Weird, huh?

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