aroused and frustrated

it’s funny…the worst thing about having an amazing sexual experience, that instead of satisfying me, it ends up making me want…need…a repeat of it. does this make me too sexual? oversexed? i don’t understand women who are ‘satisfied’ once they are satisfied. women who are satiated once they have had an orgasm…or 6. how can you not want to have those sensations, that experience as many times as you can?

there is something primitive in focusing solely on physical sensations – yours and your partners. nothing else exists beyond flesh and touch. your hearing becomes selective as you are attuned to the other persons every gasp, every in drawn breath or sigh. Your hyper awareness is limited to 2 bodies as they try and consume each other. it’s when i am the most alive. the most aware. the most focused. the most giving.

and i crave it when i don’t have it. i miss it when i can’t access it immediately. sometimes i just want to be able to reach out and fondle male genitalia like a favorite pet. have it beside me at my beck and call so i can comfort myself using its delightful presence. it intrigues me and delights me. it’s reactive response arouses me instantly. it’s tumescence a source of intense focus and delight making me want to give it succor. to inhale it, to consume it. and finally to raise it’s interest again.

would that i could have him slip inside me. come up from behind me and enter me slowly after raising my skirt. i can feel the granite under my hands as he penetrates me in the kitchen and dinner preparation is forgotten, as i am taken from behind. his slow possession , his one hand cupping a covered breast, his lips on the nape of my neck as his other arm wraps around my waist. 

every thrust, every single time he pushes into me, makes me more of who i am and want to be, as the woman who lives for and thrives in the consummation of his carnal lust, which matches my need to have him cum inside of me and leave me dripping with his thick semen. i want the heavy breathing, i want his cock inside of me, i need it, i crave it. it’s my single purpose in life to be the accommodating, sexually available woman, to give him the sweet, tightness he needs.

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23 Responses to aroused and frustrated

  1. I know these sensations and I imagine there are more of us in the world than we think. I have named myself errant satiety but I believe my lust and longing for raw communion is insatiable.

  2. Ned's Blog says:

    My ex almost had me convinced there was something wrong with me for having a high sex drive. I tried to curb my appetite for 15 years thinking it was for the best — and losing a part of myself along the way. As it turned out, there wasn’t anything wrong with me; I was just with the wrong person. You’re not oversexed — just under appreciated 😉

    • rougedmount says:

      sexual compatibility is so critically important to a successful relationship. being made to feel like there is something wrong with you, is wrong. wrong wrong wrong. i am glad u are with your wife now and that both of you healed each other. living authentically should not have to be so hard..

  3. kdaddy23 says:

    Well, yeah, why would you not want more of the same? I wouldn’t say you were oversexed… Sex starved, perhaps or even sexually parched and needing rehydration… big time. Shit, I dream of women like you, women who aren’t just satisfied with one and done…

    • rougedmount says:

      i adore men..and sex..and the cock and ejaculate.. i want it.. want him.. need it.. hate being separated from it. when i have it i am reminded of why i love it..admire it and dream about it. i was built for a man to handle and often

  4. dragonfly918 says:

    I agree with kdaddy. You just haven’t had enough sex to last you. You’ve been in a drought. There’s NOTHING wrong with you at all! Us gals with high libido need cock on a regular basis, if not every freakin night.

  5. jadedmess says:

    I feel this way as well. Thanks for putting it into words.

  6. luna says:

    Yep, same here! I always thought I was weird because having sex (along with 3 – 5 organs or more) is great, but after about 20 minutes of afterglow (and a cig and some water) I’m ready for it again! It’s as if once I have it I just want it more. And I’ll be damned if morning sex doesn’t leave me horny all freakin’ day! It’s crazy. I think I can be satiated but never truly satisfied. Of course rough play with my Sir can also lead to I physically can’t take it anymore even if I do want it, but that doesn’t happen nearly often enough! 😉

  7. Doesn’t sound to me that you’re oversexed or too sexual. I mean, why wouldn’t you love that feeling that you describe? kdaddy said it very well, that a guy would be lucky to have you, the way you write about cock, what you do with it, how it makes you feel. To me, it comes down to bliss. When something gives us bliss, don’t we want more of it?

  8. nottooold2 says:


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