unwanted offers of sex

note to self: don’t forget the reason why you make the choices you do – the decisions. keep it at the front of your head. users use you. self interest. if they can fuck you, because you let them, they will. they offer because they don’t fear discovery. they trust you and there are no pretend walls. but it means i see them as they don’t want to be seen. it makes me think of them as ugly, base and horribly lacking.

bullshit about your ideas of enlightened thinking. collect your damaged women elsewhere. i won’t be another hole you can use to thrust yourself into when you’re too lazy to masturbate. you come across as being smarmie and gross. that your fake pretentiousness at seeking a wide variety of experiences is ‘polite code’ for ‘i’m a fucking rutting idiot with no concerns for the emotional connection a woman needs to feel like she is not being used.’

you make me feel like i have just had to swallow back the barf that risked spewing from my mouth. i grimace in distaste at the vileness of bitter vomit you left behind, at the back of my throat and sinuses. i can’t spit enough to get the taste of you and your offer, at easing your sexual release at my expense, out of my brain. i wouldn’t suck your dick if i was choking on it. and the only way you’d ever be able to fuck me was if you fell upon my cold and decaying body before it was burned in a funeral pyre and even then, i think my vagina would rupture instead of letting you inside of me. you disgust me on a cellular level so just fuck off, crawl back under your rock, holding your pathetic cock for comfort and die.

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5 Responses to unwanted offers of sex

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    Soooo… I take it you don’t particularly care for this schmuck? Or am I reading too much into it… 😉

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