happiness is fleeting

happiness is but the ember that flies high above a burning fire

brilliant in its flight of illumination before being consumed by the blackness surrounding it

so that even as its lighted shadow fades, its memory is long forgotten

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7 Responses to happiness is fleeting

  1. Mark Baron says:

    Passions flicker, embers burn,
    Happiness? Or fleeting lust?
    Both can cause the heart to yearn
    Both are hammers when they bust
    The bubble of our wants, desire
    So eagerly consumed in fire.

    I’ve been following your pain, dear lady, and I sorrow for you. I have been there before myself, and I wish there was a salve or balm to heal you. I hate that someone could not see the incredible gift that you had offered, but I have no doubts that it only means someone far more worthy will.

    • rougedmount says:

      from your mouth to God’s ear – the question is if prayers are heard from behind a wall of lying and deceit?

      • Mark Baron says:

        Depends on one’s faith. 😉 In mine…even lies and deceit are forms of prayer. I will hold out hope for you, regardless. You write too passionately to be suffered such abuse.

  2. Very smooth. I like it. 🙂

  3. Happiness can be over all too soon. I remember your recent posts where you were excited about him… and then the more recent posts like this about ending the affair. I can’t say it any better than Mark Baron (the guy’s a magician with words), but I also feel sad that you were treated this way. You don’t deserve it, and I hope you find someone who does realize your strength and treat you better.

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