cause no harm

You can’t undo what’s been done

You can’t be who you were

Because you pose a sudden morality

About the rightness of an affair

What has been done, is done

If you can’t face the difference

Between right and wrong

You are lacking in empathy

All choices have consequences

Faithless liars have redemption

In honesty with themselves

You have caused damage

To your wife, your family

To yourself and to me

Instead of accepting my gift

My trust and my truths

You took them to smash them

I could have praised you, raised you

Supported you into a better version

Of the man you wanted to be

So you would a better person

Instead of being a cheating liar

Who harms the vulnerable

You are protecting no one

You can’t undo what’s been done

By hurting me to pay for your sins

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3 Responses to cause no harm

  1. nottooold2 says:

    I have a couple honest questions (not a judgments in disguise).
    How long did you expect it to last and in what form? And when it finally ended what would have been the “right” way to end it? Is there a right way? I am truly interested in your perspective.

    • rougedmount says:

      I expected it to last for years. The compatibility was perfect in a way that you seldom come across with people. Instant awareness and understanding. It was like we had been childhood friends who had reconnected as if no time had passed. He made me smile, he interested me and he made my brain excited. Everything he spoke of needing and wanting, matched perfectly with all the things I had not revealed to him that I needed. He did not understand how perfectly compatible we were for each other because he did not know my past, but I saw it immediately because of how he was with me. This gave me the comfort I needed to open up too quickly with him. I ‘forgot’ he did not know me and acted like he did. Knowing him felt like a soothing lotion over soft skin.

      Yes, there is a right way to end things. All things end. The natural way is for the ending to come as a result of sharing your emotions with someone. You never walk away from someone you have decided to share your life with, your authentic self, You make a decision to diverge your path into a separate direction. You do not cut people from your life, as cutting damages things. It irrevocable severs and ends things abruptly leaving no handhold on which to rebuild or continue your journey. To end things with someone, you are brutally open and share your truths with them, you support them with your words, so they can accept the pain of failed dreams and yet still keep their hope alive that life will bring them what they need, eventually.

      There is never a time to be cruel to someone who is stable, who cares for you, even if you don’t return the feelings. In fact, it’s almost more important that you treat them with kindness because it is a reflection on who you are as a person.

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