understanding the ADHD blog


This blog might be confusing to follow at times. The fault lies in my ADHD tendencies to write on many subjects, at the same time. I really have no clear topic and linear path that allows for ease of viewing. The past and present, fiction and reality has all been presented as I have time or need to express it. I have stories, poems and reality mixed with fears and hopes. It has provided a very real portrayal of my actual life, preferences and opinions.

My writing can generate concern at times. I want to ease your minds and clarify that at times what I write is a compilation of a few different situations and even a few different men. There are times that I write about things that have happened in the far past, right alongside things that may have occurred the same day. This may be confusing to follow and know what is current or what is from my memory.

I am going through my old writings and notes, pulling things together into a coherent tale worth telling. I am cataloging memories I want to keep and there is no schedule I am using to keep it in chronological order. These posts occur right along side things that happen in my daily life. I am glad that I am able to relate the despair or the joy, the emotional forces I felt while in the past situations and that I wanted to portray. But I do want to apologize when some of the things I write about things that may have occurred as part of my personal ancient history, has made anyone feel immediate concern for my present state of well being.

It’s made me thing that perhaps it’s time for me to organize my blog into a format that is easier to follow and understand. I wish I was more technically inclined or understood how to use wordpress better. I am completely fearful of going and making changes, in fear of losing what I have. To be honest, I never thought I would ever have the need to do so. I had no idea that I would have ‘followers’ or people interested in reading the things I have shared. I had no idea that so many people would have viewed my blog that it would be necessary for me to consider the needs of others for them to understand my process or my words.

So for those of you who have followed me a long time, for those of you who are new and just learning about my eclectic nature, I thank you for allowing me the privilege of being part of your day. Thank you for taking the time to read my words and express your concern or happiness for me, as it truly does make my day when I read the commentary that some of what I write, inspires. 

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5 Responses to understanding the ADHD blog

  1. Don’t change a thing!

  2. dragonfly918 says:

    I don’t think you should change anything to “support” your viewing audience. This is your private blog and you aren’t selling advertising.

    I understand your concern, though. I know you are referring to that post that had US all concerned. Just maybe letting us know that something that you write is fiction (even if it’s a compilation of true events, it didn’t happen as you wrote it) will go a long way.

    It’s a mark of how well you write, the emotion that you engender, that made it feel true, and in the light of recent events in your life made it moreso.

    Again don’t change a thing.

  3. kdaddy23 says:

    Ditto – it’s your blog so you get to write it any way you want to…

  4. I like how varied your blog is. If your blog is a reflection of you and what you’re thinking about, then don’t change the format at all. As for the post that had us readers wondering, maybe if you added a note that the post wasn’t from what’s going on with you in the present, but perhaps from past experiences.

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