You can be replaced so easily

It’s not even funny

You needed me, more than the other way around

I’ve deleted everything

Your emails, your pictures, your contact information

There will be no future contact

No staying in touch

Fuck that and fuck you

Relationships develop

You need a relationship to make an affair work

Otherwise it’s just sex

Sex is easy to get

Especially when you’re attractive

It’s everything else that counts

Some men don’t understand that

Some men are players

They say it and don’t mean it

They aren’t men

They aren’t mature

And they are contemptible

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9 Responses to deleted

  1. I can’t like this. I am truly sorry

  2. ugh, jesus. i’m sorry rougedmount.

  3. dragonfly918 says:

    Yep. You said it. Sex you can get anywhere. Who needs all the rest of the bullshit?

  4. ismeisreallyme says:

    you are right of course. spot on. sex is sex. sex with a connection, attachment, a relationship is what an affair consists of. otherwise it’s just sex; hooking up, fuck buddies, friends with benefits. it sucks is rather diplomatic 😉

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