two man shift

I am not going to let him throw his chemical mess of pheromones all over my body and have me reinvest with him, in a place that is on shaky and unstable grounds. The biology between us is electric but he is damaged. He has been hurt brutally by every woman in his past and he doesn’t know how to bond with a woman. He can’t. Hearing how he has changed, telling me about how he is growing and what it means to him, admitting his faults and fears, is drawing me back into his life. I can’t let it. I refuse to.

I am not going to let him mess this up for me. The man I have chosen to be in my life now, is a good man, a gracious man. His issues are minor and I am just starting down the path of knowing him and understanding him. He has to be given the opportunity to show who he is and what he wants to become, while he is with me. My biggest fear, is that I shall hurt him unintentionally. He is far too wonderful to be exposed to anything negative from our interaction and I will try to provide him with the experience he so richly deserves.

I did not expect to find the level of trust and security I feel, not just when I am with him, but the time when I am not. He communicates with me on such a steady and regular basis that it makes things far easier than I ever expected them to be. I enjoy how he makes me feel. I am not just a physical conquest for him, he is endeavoring to create an emotional bond with me. It feels romantic and special, he makes me feel cherished and important to him. He seals his attention with a sexual compatibility that has surprised and impressed me.

My future looks promising, because I have a clear course ahead of me and the support of a wonderful man who I believe was meant to be in my life to help me heal and move forward with living. How I shall impact his life, is yet to be seen, though I can sense many aspects that will be touched, based on what we have talked about already.

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12 Responses to two man shift

  1. A moment of looking back and looking forward. I’m very glad your future looks very bright and promising. The guy you describe sounds like a much better fit for you. And it’s good to hear that nice guys can finish first. 🙂

    • rougedmount says:

      he is simply wonderful…and technically … we finished at the same time… and then “I” finished first and that seems to be exactly how he likes

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    You finally did it, huh? Took you long enough… and I’m damned happy for you!

  3. dragonfly918 says:

    Great to hear. I’m glad you’re finding happiness again. Just please be careful and not give up your heart too easily!

  4. ismeisreallyme says:

    i love that you have found one that is deserving of you and in turn, you are finding happiness in so many ways 😉

    • rougedmount says:

      he is getting his chance and i hope that he can live up to his potential

      • ismeisreallyme says:

        well, i will say that he had better live up to (and even exceed) said potential because now, now you know you are deserving of no less and will accept no less. that’s the beauty of following your journey-you share not only where you’ve been, how you struggle but we get to your evolution. and that, is what gives me my hope. happy sunday to you!

      • rougedmount says:

        awww thanks so much…life is not easy but it is certainly worth living.

  5. 'Tis says:

    grinning from ear to ear for you. 🙂

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