dog mauling

I often wonder what my poor dogs actually think their purpose is, in my life. I attack snuggle them. They could be laying peacefully beside me and then do a cute stretch or snore in a way that’s so adorable, I scoop them up and smoosh their faces and kiss their noses and ruffle their ears and massage their faces and necks while squeezing them and talking nonsense baby talk to them just so I can hear them groan and make bagpipe noises. I don’t exactly twirl them around or anything, but I certainly hold them like a baby, lift them up and manipulate them in ways that make me laugh at their bendy cuteness. The look on their face is one of patient shell shock as they flop back onto their backs, feet in the air and sigh, before they continue with their interrupted snooze and maybe arching their backs first to tempt me into rubbing their bare and exposed tummies. They are enablers to their own dog mauling.

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One Response to dog mauling

  1. marcus says:

    This certainly speaks to me, enjoyed this post. (((Awhoooo)))

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