office evaluation

There is something decidedly powerful about going into a man’s office, his sanctuary, and pushing him back into his chair and then sliding down his body to kneel before him. There is something sinfully erotic about feeling the harness of his cock through the khaki material of his Dockers and then unbuttoning his pants, lowering the zipper to expose his erection pressing against the thin barrier of his boxers. There is something deliciously appealing about teasing his bulging cock until he starts to leak, leaving wet spots against the material, before you take the band in your teeth and pull it down to reveal his bare and turgid flesh.

You can hear his breathing change as he exhales loudly through his nostrils. You can see him swallow, his jaw clench. You watch his stomach muscles tightening in expectation as you lower your face to brush against the heat of his prick. He feels the flutter of long lashes against his length, followed by the impossible softness of whetted lips. By the time your tongue tastes the salt of his flesh, his entire world is focused to the geographic area covered by the solid 8 inches of his own cock flesh.

By the time you start to service his needs and to milk his delightful cock, you realize that you may be on your knees but in no way are you submissive to him. You are in complete control of the man and his cock as you tease him and learn about how to manipulate his movements to respond in the way you want him to. Sucking his cock, using tongue and lips, throat and hands teaches you everything you need to know about they type of lover he will be when in your bed.

Oral sex is the measure by which many men are judged to determine if he will gain access to the rest of a woman’s body. His response and control is noted. His touch and participation is noticed. His verbal cues and physical responses are cataloged and are used to assess his sexual compatibility. It is a glorious way in which to determine his assertiveness or willingness to relinquish control. Doing this in his office, will change how he views his work station. Every time he sits down at his desk, he will remember the day he got to recline in his chair, and escaped the confines of his current world when his cock was sucked by a willing and eager mouth.

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6 Responses to office evaluation

  1. hispetitelle says:

    That made me salivate and you said it perfectly!

  2. Mark Baron says:

    As if there were anything in the world that could make me hate working in a cubicle farm more…

    I miss my office. *sighs*

  3. Whew… if this were to happen to me, I would certainly remember it every time I walked into my office and sat down for a day’s work.

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