love for dinner

i have flour on the back of my hands

barbecue chicken made and pieced out

garlic and mushroom fettuccine alfredo 

topped with crumbled and pan fried prosciutto

i cook from scratch for you because i love you

and it means i am taking care of you

because there is so little left for me to do

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2 Responses to love for dinner

  1. John says:

    Are you actually cooking for the bastard???!!!??? I get lost in your posts; while I like them, I simply do not understand this post. (:-

    • rougedmount says:

      lol..yes..” the bastard ” benefited from my cooking.
      i cooked for my children who will be leaving in a week for 12 weeks. I make meals from scratch and make a very wide variety of things. The boys, moan and eat and groan and eat and roll their eyes and say ‘omg MOM I LOVE you! this is so good..your cooking is so awesome…mom you are the best cook ever! HUGS MOM..I love you! I love this”. Their reaction to my meals makes me smile and brings me joy.
      Their father will sometimes be home in time to eat with us. Occasionally he will heat up the food I have plated for him. He never says a thing, one way or another if he liked it or not and that’s fine. I don’t cook for him…I cook for the family and he can benefit from it or not

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