Monday morning’s

massive torrential rain storms swept across neighborhood for hours this morning

the fresh smell of rich, wet earth, green grass and clean air, simply overpowering

the house still smelled clean, like bleach, lemon pledge  and fresh laundry from yesterdays efforts

the heavy aroma of 3 loaves of banana bread, still sitting on the cooling rack

made late last night, was wafting through the air enticing sleeping men to wake up

it felt damp in the house so i decided to make dinner early, as an excuse to use the oven again

roasted carrots with dill to be served over a sweet potato puree were made first

steamed cauliflower whipped with Greek yogurt, chives and butter so they looked liked mashed potatoes

finishing with yellow spaghetti squash and a whole chicken roasted with lemon and garlic 

the kitchen is cleaned, the fridge is clean and waiting for a grocery shopping trip to fill it

and i have sat down to enjoy my cup of French pressed Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee

going through my short list of organized work tasks and finishing by everything by 10:30 AM

everything is right with the world in this beautiful Monday morning moment




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5 Responses to Monday morning’s

  1. dievca says:

    I am glad to hear you had a lovely morning. Joy!

  2. All these wonderful smells, of nature and cleaning and cooking, a rich sensory writing.

  3. HemmingPlay says:

    Fantastic! I’ll be right over! 🙂

  4. G Richard says:

    Have a wonderful day beautiful lady

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