the other side of town


This whole game you are playing

Is a fucking joke I see through

You act like I don’t know who you are

Or how you act when you are being deceitful

Have you forgotten that i am all too familiar with this pattern?

We don’t live in a vacuum

Your over exaggerated behaviour

And inflammatory responses

To simple things scream at me

You missed so many things with our family

Would never take a day off to help me

Not for sickness and injury of myself or the kids

Not for hospitalizations or even emotional support

And yet you take days off and disappear

Won’t answer your phone

Tell me the battery died

But then forget and call me making an excuse

That was never asked for and makes no sense

Months and months of non contact

Not coming home for dinner because you’re working

And not eating the meal prepared and left for you

You pretend that I notice noting

Like when you change your clothes

Or go to work wearing something you don’t wear to work

You act like I don’t know every single mood and action

Like I haven’t spent a lifetime with you

Or that I am stupid

Your aggressive reaction to my noticing variances

Calling you on something you are adamant about proclaiming

Is all the confirmation I would need

Even if nothing else was present

But don’t think you have gotten away with it

You haven’t, you never will and you never have

I just don’t care enough to make it an issue anymore

So you continue to keep paying the bills

And using the family as your cover of respectability

Worn like a cloak of invisibility to your actions

And I will continue to progress forward

Into a life I never asked for or wanted

Looking for solace in the arms of a man

Who is at least honest about being a lying bastard

There are days that I hate you for forcing me to live alone

While living inside the dead body of a rotting marriage

And today is one of them

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2 Responses to the other side of town

  1. dragonfly918 says:

    Hmm. I just had a thought. You are describing a man who is obviously cheating on you– yet he cannot get hard with you. You mentioned medical conditions before, and now I’m wondering if he’s gay.

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