the younger man

The attention of a much younger man has me quite reflective. I can honestly say I have never, ever even remotely considered a relationship with a man that much younger than myself. Personally, even a 5 year difference has made me uncomfortable. I have neither the need to validate myself from having the attention of a younger man or subject myself to be a check mark on a mans sexual bucket list that would include sex with an older woman.

He is very attractive. He reminds me of a man I dated for a school term, back when I was a kid and in my first year of University. I looked like Jessica Rabbit back then, when I was young and perfect in the way of tight youth. He is highly educated with 2 degrees plus his Masters. He is very athletic and muscular. He is a former professional athlete who has left the sport after injury that stops him from being an elite player yet doesn’t impact his life in any way. His career change, of course, has put him into another very masculine job venue.

I can honestly say, I can not consider having any type of actual relationship, sexual or otherwise, with this man. So why am I continuing to talk to him? It’s because despite his age, he is able to engage me and amuse me and so in spite of my better judgement, I have found that I have developed a rapport with him that leaves me laughing and shaking my head at myself. He knows how to get under my skin, which in and of itself is a rarity, and he does it very naturally.

He brooks no interference from his role as a man in control of himself and his environment. Perhaps that’s the real reason I still talk to him. I enjoy confidant men who are not intimidated by me and he certainly fits that bill. I am under NO illusions about the possibility of ‘dating’ this young man. It would feel unnatural and awkward for me. However the attention and interest has made me smile and feel particularly ‘not my age’.

That and did I mention he is attractive on a scale that would use Grecian marble effigies, of the perfect male body, as the base line? As a black man, he appreciates a white woman with large breasts and wide hips with a soft, round ass. His obvious sexual admiration is quite apparent. Ahhhhh, if I were 20 years younger I doubt I would even have the discussion with myself on whether or not sex with him would be an option, as it would have already occurred.

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7 Responses to the younger man

  1. larryarcher says:

    Maybe you should take him for a test drive?

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    I agree with Larry – test drive him ’cause five years isn’t that much of an age difference and he seems to have so many other things going for him, ya know? You said to me that you were going to reinvent yourself… and this is one of the things I know I’d reinvent if I had a problem with age. Sure, in some things, it can make a difference, like, if he were ten years younger, that could be a communication problem – not really having a lot in common.

    But five years? Woman, put on your driving gloves and your sexy shades and go for a spin!

    • rougedmount says:

      grin – you have misread and i was vague…he is NOT 5 years younger..he is much, much, much younger…as in 18 years younger!…and that my dear is not a thing i can overcome in regards to being sexually available to someone who is the age of my sons friends…

  3. diirrty says:

    Women and their over analysis!
    We men wouldn’t even think about it. Hot? Interested? Let’s fuck!

  4. TheVixens says:

    Get down and dirty don’t over think it

  5. larryarcher says:

    With your eyes closed, they all look the same. 🙂 Why not crawl in the rack with some young stud and let him drill your lights out. IMHO MILFS are much better in the rack. One of the women we know is in her 60’s and doesn’t date anyone over 30. It doesn’t seem to bother her.

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