establishing control


You want to abuse my clitoris

Pinch, pull and slap it

You won’t stop the hard pressure

There is no softness or alternating relief

No gentle respite

You part me

Stroke me

Focus all you harsh attention

You press deeply inside me

Thrusting hard

Using your hand to batter me

Bruise me

Juices pouring over your palm

Make your assault on my pussy easy

It’s too much

Too intense

I climb backwards

You press me down

I pull your unmoving arm

I grab your hand

Trying to escape your endless touch

I can’t move you

I cry out again

I shake

I tremble

My head pressed against your neck

Turning towards you as I whimper

Your lips meet mine


Then barely touching

You bite my full bottom lip

Making me gasp

In response you press harder against my mound

Your hand and fingers

The strength of your arm

Cording tension in your neck

And the rock solid mass of biceps

All pressing against my softness

My abused and tortured folds

There is no escape

I twist and turn to no avail

This is punishment

It’s domination

It’s putting me into my place

Reminding me of who you are

And who I am

And that you make the rules of how I respond

You don’t speak in words

Your focus is on my quim

As you slap it

Finger it

Scratch it

I can’t stop it

Or stop you

I can’t get away from the ceaseless pressure

The endless torment of pleasure pain

Reminders of my submission

And your complete and gentle control

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