inauthentic carnality

Grand illusions, living on visions edge

Treating each other like commodities

Usefulness diminishes with access and usage

Until it wears itself out and needs disposal

Carnality re-purposed and never satisfied

New partners, new experiences, new sensations

Immediacy drives every single connection

Overwhelming need for self indulgence

Past actions predicts future behaviour

Divorced or separated with hopes of reparation

Different partners with no change of past actions

Predictably leads to repeated similar experiences

Long term expectations based on random chance

What is long term? A day? A month? A year?

Attraction is subjective and we want what we want

Are people we perceive as attractive better lovers?

Do their looks improve with sexual compatibility?

Efforts expended at physical improvements

Instead of time invested into your relationship

Copulation as a hobby and not an emotional expression

So many people seeking pleasure but so few seeking joy

Vying for attention in fierce competition to be chosen

Selected as the inauthentic version you promoted

In your quest to be thought of as a superior applicant

All men are not created equal and neither are their partners

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2 Responses to inauthentic carnality

  1. G Richard says:

    In my world as it exists at this moment in time, this statement pretty much says it all “So many people seeking pleasure but so few seeking joy”. Once again, I love your writing – but this truth is unsettling and viscerally sad.

    • rougedmount says:

      We become caught up in thinking that our pleasure IS our joy and it’s not. Bringing pleasure to someone else is only real when it’s done because there is emotional context. Without it, we are ‘less than’ and it is nothing but false pretense. I am sorry that it inspired a hard emotion to work through, but the positive side to it, is examination of self is never a wasted effort.

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