I tingle in anticipation of your lips on mine. The moment we start to kiss I imagine myself between your thighs, sucking on your cock. Is that bad of me?  Wanting to smell the musk of maleness and feel the silken glide of your flesh inside my mouth. My word is defined by your pleasure. I can close my eyes and lose myself in your need; my need to pleasure you, for it’s one in the same.

I want your eyes looking at me, over the bare expanse of your chest and stomach, seeing your cock teased with my tongue and lips. I want you to see me drool tendrils of spit over your swollen head, before I use my hands to mimic the thrusting of your shaft as I use your rim as my oral playground. Milking you expertly to coax your ejaculate from the confines of your body and into mine.

I want to watch you struggle for control. I want to feel your balls tighten in anticipation of spewing your seed all over my lips and tongue. I want you to cum on my face and see it drip down my skin as I suckle your semi softness back to hard readiness so I can mount and ride you. I am your cum whore, ready to take as much as you can give me; needing it to mark me as your sexually preferred partner.

My value is not that I submit to your base desires but that I elevate you to mine.

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11 Responses to elevation

  1. Rouged Mount, you most certainly have a hot way with words.

  2. That left me a bit dazzed, not sure I am going to be able to concentrate for a while…. Incredible job – amazingly tantalizing and errotic!

  3. mckismeisreallyme says:

    you’ve been reading my notes to “him” again haven’t you?! *grin* well done. well done.

  4. Jayne says:

    your last line is perfect

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