When I decide to be authentic

And show a facet of my real self to others

I am memorable

The perfect blend of quick witted

Comedic charm

Combined with overtones of sexuality

And Sultry Confidence

I am no longer young and firm

But I am comfortable in my body

Grateful for all I am and have

Every experience etched

In the lines and scars

On my body and heart

I smile and it reaches my eyes

But there are sorrows there too

Layers of emotions visible

To a protective soul searching

Competence and vulnerability

Unassuming and present

I am the rambling English garden

The hundred year old fishing dory

The leaded glass in a medieval window

My perfection is that I am weathered

I am useful

And I am beautiful for who I am

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8 Responses to recognition

  1. G Richard says:

    Unbelievably understated. “… overtones of sexuality And Sultry Confidence”
    Merriam-Webster “an idea or quality that is suggested without being said directly : a very small amount of something.”
    The reality as depicted by your writings leaves me smiling and shaking my head,,, it is as if someone were to suggest that the Grand Canyon were merely a point of interest on a map to be marked with an asterisk…
    You are in every manner the epitome – the very incarnation of sexuality and sultry confidence in this world of the virtual being – wrapped in the incredible layers of vulnerability, honesty, and passion for life. No fear, no apologetic machinations – just the beautifully raw and excitingly real emotional collage of a female charging ahead in a determined, yet keenly aware, sense of purpose.
    Given the series of sensual accounts of your path previously traveled, I seriously doubt that you are anything less than that in real life – it would be sad indeed to learn otherwise.
    Please keep writing, I need the smiles, I need the real.

    • rougedmount says:

      … if i was in possession of a fluttering eye lashed, idyllic look of bashful, yet worshipful, Disney Princess type of flirtatious look, I would certainly use it…now…lol
      i do not compliment well. in ‘real life’, but i very much appreciate the very kind words you have graced me with. i do believe i liked it

      • G Richard says:

        A compliment you deserve, one which was in fact well received, and responded to in a manner that makes me smile – the proverbial “win – win” – Have a wonderful day

      • G Richard says:

        Given your “Disney Princess” reference above, I now am convinced that they actually developed a Disney character in your image (at least as I imagine it). Maleficent – by Angelina Jolie. The quintessential villainess while playing the concurrent back-story of heroine, exuding sexual prowess, with eyes that instantaneously warn the weary or weak to simply fade away into the safety of the darkness.
        Not quite what you have suggested above, but a eerily accurate projection of the image that I envision when I close my eyes after reading one of your thoughts.
        Good night lovely lady – keep writing in real time, in the real world,

      • rougedmount says:

        …you truly have no idea how eerily accurate that image of the eyes would be in relation to me though i RARELY allow it to present itself. Very few things have the ability to draw my wrath and ire, to lose control. I am nothing if not exquisitely controlled…which is why I greatly miss an expansive sexual outlet to lose myself in.

      • G Richard says:

        OK, so I’ve connected the dots,,, I’d love to see those eyes in action.

      • rougedmount says:

        i have to stay as incognito as possible – only a few very trusted friends, know this blog is mine. As it is, my mouth is recognizable to those who know me…these are my words, from my mouth and mind, and so that was the reason I chose that picture. but eyes are an entirely different matter. eyes are windows to the soul…there is no deniability or hiding from what is seen in them…and why I can not show myself on here.

      • G Richard says:

        With 77,900 + hits on your blog, and no doubt a similar number of more personalized hits, I certainly understand. Not the appropriate medium to satisfy my interests in any event. I will therefore have to take solice in the fantasy of being able to peer deeply into the windows of your most complicated and beautiful soul.

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